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March 23, 2020

What is the duty of a President in power? The sole responsibility of a President of a country is to from time to time address the Nation and the people that voted him in on any disturbing issue at hand?. The President is to cheer the masses up and encourage them not to give in to panicking irrespective of his/her weakness at that particular point in time to curtail or curb the outright break of the problem (pandemic), ravaging his/her people and the Nation he is in charge.

Here in Nigeria, the people are ceremoniously gifted with a dullard who do not understand his many responsibilities as pertaining to leadership by leading with example; he fragrantly avoid his people not minding if they are surviving or not, his only primary concern is the upkeep of his immediate nuclear family members. Other World Presidents have at one time or the other had a get together conference(s) organized by their medical team to which the President(s) informed her masses on the various ways and manner they have put in place or the measures they look to adopt in order to put a halt to the wide spread of this disease.

Following world events as the unfolds, Biafra Reporters were dumb-founded that the Nigerian National Assembly Senators were actually the ones begging the Aso-Rock dullard to address the Nigerian populace on the way forward and announce [to]/tell them the precautionary measures or preventative methods that the people of Nigeria are to adopt rather it has been viewed that the Nigerian populace depend on other country's of the world preventative methods being spelt out by their Presidents and their medical team on what to do.

For instance in America, the Homeland security is preparing to mobilize the National guard to be dispatched across the United States of America along with US Military, they will also call in first responders and will announce a Nationwide two weeks quarantine for all USA citizens and with the government demanding that all businesses in the US closed. Every US citizen should be at home with US Military in place to help prevent looters and rioters. It is also believed that within 48hrs to 72 hrs, the United States of America President Donald J. Trump will evoke what is called "Stafford Act". 

The President have also make sure that a team of persons assigned to stock up you needs while on demand will supply you of everything during this two weeks in-house exercise charged by President Donald J. Trump government.When you see a people that value the life of a cow over human life it is been said that you should be warned to fear such a people and never to entrust your life and security to them; a people and government that do not know their right from their left filled with hypocrisy and oppression should be make away with in the trash bin, all the President of Nigeria could equest from the State National Assembly is for VAT to be exempted from animal feeds in a time that this pandemic is gradually setting foot in Nigeria.

Year in - Year out, during budget formation, a certain amount of money goes to the Nigeria Medical Association through the Minister of Health for the procurement of medical needs and miscellaneous yet up till now no emergency quarantine unit set outside by the government in all 36 States of the country with her divers local government, no health workers in those rural areas to set up a movable quarantine unit or center just in case the disease suddenly gets to them; the Aso-Rock dullard President of Nigeria as one of the safety measures embarked upon by other countries of the world, ban the incoming of International flights to their ports but President Mohammadu Buhari impostor refused to ban the coming-in of flights from UK to Nigeria making the lives of Nigerians prone and vulnerable to this pandemic because one Aisha Buhari's daughters was as at then still in London.

The Presidency as claimed since the demise of Mohammadu Buhari are not ashamed of themselves that in every serious and urgent issues that requires the attention of the President to address the Nigerian masses will always come up with one silly excuse or the other why the President cannot address the people of Nigeria that he - Mohammadu Buhari vigorously campaigned for their votes and now that he is there by the people's mandate neglect them and abandoned them when his attention is needed. Can such a man be called your President if Biafra Reporters may ask? This essay here try to corroborate with President Donald J. Trump of America assertion that Nigeria have a lifeless man as President.

Biafra Reporters through this editorial note wish to appluad and commend American, Israeli and Russian governments for working tirelessly round the clock so as to proffer measures and solutions for her people's safety as they considered the lives of their citizens a top notch and priority that must be saved at all cost because without the people there is no government and without the people alive there will be none to govern and this is what is massively lacked in Nigeria as the Nigerian government do not care if Nigerians die or live. This epidemic/pandemic with serious government of the civilize world work would be curbed and tamed depopulating human race.

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