By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter
March 26, 2020

It is a pleasure writing this open letter to you Mr. President, Federal Western Dependent Republic of Nigeria, though, I never expected you to read this open letter as you neither care to heed to my piece of advice on several letters written to you nor probably you hardly have time to read, frankly speaking I am not bordered. If you can refused to address your fellow countrymen on this global pandemic deadly virus you personally gave a name (Covikk One Nine Virus) instead of Corona virus.

It is inconsequential for me to drink paracetamol on another person’s headache, all the same, remember that it was only your fellow countrymen [the Nigerian masses], that you stupidly refused to address at this critical time of need, on how your tyrannical government is fashioning out measures to curb or eradicate this epidemic.
It is shameful how Abba Kyria and his Fulani political dynasty designed, contracted and imposed you into power even when it’s severe you are a foreign national.

Mr. Impostor Jubril Al-Sudani, should I believe you, that "COVID-19" is not deadly than Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, ISWAP and ISIS created by your Northern political power mongers that have killed millions of Nigerians, for that act of terrorism alone is enough reason for you not to waste your time for public questions and answers interaction like other world leaders did?

Under your British experimental lab called Nigeria stewardship Mr. President, unprecedented events unfold ondaily basis, the mere geographical expression always appropriate, conducive for Northern hegemonic Islamic deceptive daft, it seems your myopic government is doing nothing or little to curtail the pandemic plague virus your fellow countrymen from the Northern Islamic extraction as to have resolved to consuming more alcoholic drinks as only precautionary measure and remedy to be healed from Corona virus ravaging humanity.

I suggest Mr. President Sir, to prove Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra wrong that you are not an impostor as alleged by him through one of his live stream broadcasts exposé | lectures using Getty-Images, where facts and figures explained beyond logical and illogical rational that truly you are under contract of political impersonation, let us all pretend that you are Mr. Mohammadu Buhari, can you please call for open media chat where Biafra Reporters can be present to clarify the claims that you are not a political decoy but the real Mohammadu Buhari Nigerians voted into power in 2015?

Death is inevitable to every living being, because of how precious life is some folks believed in reincarnation unlike impersonation because it is a double-standard criminality known to every Nation's of the world. Everyone fought hard to preserve he/her name till eternity and in Igbo parlance it is called (Ahamefula), Ndi-Igbo in their dialect believes that once a grown man lost his family name irrespective of death automatically his lineage, heritage is gone forever. Same is applicable to Western World culture, preservation of name impels a United States of America rapper "Jay-Z" , sang a song tittled “Young Forever” to his lovely wife to conceives for him so that they can give birth to young Jay-Z, rather not to present look alike as impostor.

Mr. President, Nigerians are tired of your flimsy excuses, failure to prove Director of Radio Biafra wrong at this critical time might spell doom for Nigeria, your present is highly needed or you have once again willingly vindicates Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that you are an imported impostor from Sudan. Incase, I assume you are the same Gen. Mohammadu Buhari Nigerians canvassed their votes for, during the 2015 Presidential general election, how come as radical, stubborn as you were then you descended so low before the world since your death rumor surface and pile up like this Corona virus?

Mr. President, you were blunt, eye ball to ball to tell Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel, that your wife Aisha Buhari, belongs to the kitchen, and the other room, her work is to cook for you than holding public office and functionalities, and you vowed her that the office of the First Lady do not exist in your time. Mr. President, if I may ask, has the reverse becomes the case now?. Did you now belong to the kitchen that impeded you not to publicly address your fellow Nigerians now Covikk One Nine Virus finds means ravaging all and sundry?.

What is happening Mr. President, your wife Aisha Buhari that belongs to the kitchen and the other room is curious to have you in the other room to play as husband and wife you now scamper for safety?. Not only that she now makes official and public statements without no form of hinderance or subjugation, Oh! Maybe, the reincarnated young impostor Mohammadu Buhari is either timid to dwell on the apple that may had gave birth to his age mate or jittering to slept with a woman mature enough to be his mother.

Mr. President, don’t fall your hands, it sounds ridiculous that National Assembly begs you to address the Nation on this global Corona virus outbreak, you and Aso-Rock cabals recorded voice note as Press release or would I say Press Statement, daft Nigerians can you see the political game play by the Nigerian rogue Presidency?. Sorry, if no nonsense Gen. Mohammadu Buhari should be alive and allowed Maman Daura, Abba Kyari to have an edge over his family affairs is a no go area for him because Mohammadu Buhari we know don't toy with his family emotions.

This simply means that the decoy parading himself as President Mohammadu Buhari is a political decoy according to Erick Joyce, but Mr. President, am I saying the truth? Or should order come from your employer Covikk one-nine virus de-facto President Abba Kyari before Nigerians can see you publicly as Americans enjoys seeing their President Donald J. Trump frequently to calm them down; possibly explain to them how his government is fighting hard to eradicate this pandemic Coronavirus.

Though Mr. President Sir, the comparative analysis from your Senior assistant on media and publicity unknown to him made it very clear that you are not Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, for that reason alone, that you are not for showmanship or drama to address the Nation, what a callous, crude and primitive statement that came out from a deformed man of this 21 century. Mr. President, hold all your aids accountable for exposing you should world leaders finally get you arrested for criminality not me.

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