Authored By Kelechi Okorie | Biafra Reporter January 24, 2020 What goes around comes around, nature has its own ways of doing thing, it can’t be cheated neither does it take retrospective permission from anybody to act. One can’t cultivate yam and harvest mango, it contravenes the law of nature. Likewise, when pointing at one with one finger remember that the remaining four fingers are directly pointing at the you the owner. As a free minded political scientist, social activist, injustice for one is an injustice for all, and it impossible for a man of honor with dignity to indulges in do or die Nigeria politics with fairness and succeed due to the inherited unequal system, unredeemed fraudulent political dynasty couple with, uneducated egocentric control backwardness of Fulani oligarchy. All of these won’t pave way for advancement in any shape or form meaning Nigeria was made to collapse. The mental consumable dependency on oil in Biafra land confiscates lazy Fulani brain to uphold political power to high esteem than seeking human development with knowledge to excel. People's Democratic Party PDP is yet to see mythical APC formula F9 concentration of power, though without virile opposition; politically democracy is dead. Protests by PDP against Supreme Court miscarriage of justice by seven man panel led by Fulani Sharia Chief Justice of Nigeria CJN, Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, the magical law technicality airplane turner, was protests of self-interest of the same circling politicians than the masses interest. At least, it was a tip of iceberg and eye opener for some Nigerians that the evil forest (Nigeria) is on a verge of anarchy. Likewise opposition parties must have learnt a lesson that an evil bad judge is worse than battalions of armed criminals. Politics of hatred, self-centeredness hijacks Nigeria politicians’ mind to think critically, they give excuses to stand against injustice meted against people or group of people with contrary views. By now PDP members ought to have buried their faces in shame. According to Naimoller’s words, “they came for the socialists, you didn’t speak because you were not a socialist, they came for Jews, and you didn’t speak because you were not a Jew, then they came for you and there was no one left to speak for you”. Be it PDP or other opposition parties can continuously reorganize or call for jamboree protests till thy kingdom come, that reincarnated young jihadist parading himself as tyrant Mohammadu Buhari won’t give a damn instead he rolls out amour carrier personnel to kick rival party’s ass to dungeons with limitless jail term. To back up the above assertion with prove that the jamboree PDP protests were for self-interest, how many Igbo PDP governors attended the protests?. How come Akiku Abubakar and many Igbo politicians didn’t condemn the bias written verdict by the criminal Sharia Chief [in]-Justice of Nigeria? Why is it Abia State governor, Okezie Ikpeazu jets out of Nigeria for London with the impostor as Mr. President within the space of time his party PDP protested against the judgment that favored presidency?. If the Supreme Court sham proclamation was just and for the interest of Imolites, how come State House Assembly members from different parties defected to APC? It simply means those politicians are neither here nor there once it serves their personal interests. The law of gravity only befalling on opposition party - PDP by her so many years of misrules, the Indigenous People of Biafra were maliciously heated hard by the same nomadic Fulani terrorist APC party none of them spoke out because of political interest except Mr.Femi Fani Kayode, former Minister of Aviation and Senator Enyinnaya Aberibe, a Senator representing Abia South Federal Constituency condemned the barbarism against peaceful IPOB protesters seeking emancipation of Biafra, justice and her indigenous peoples inalienable right enshrined in the United Nations Charter. The purpose of influence is to speak up for those who don’t have any influence –says Rick Warren. The karma facing rival PDP party was her inability to protect other vulnerable groups with their influence appropriately, rather her much concern were for their party faithfuls, interests, positions than the people's representation in government at all levels. In a nutshell, PDP, APC and other political parties are desperate to control political power, it stretches them beyond inducing; bribing crowds to stage manage protests and counter protests against each other. The bunch of political rubber stamp criminals responsible for the masses hardship use the same people to protest against the opposition party once the table of power metamorphose against their favor. Protesters can be molested, injured, manhandled or killed by trigger happy tyrant Mohammadu Buhari - Boko Haram Nigerian Army foot soldiers while politicians will be somewhere drinking costly wines, come worst may they decamp to ruling party to protect their political interest then others can go to hell. Does these unscrupulous dubious political nonentities and horror animal farm like Nigeria worth dying for?. Emeka Ihedioha was just a victim of circumstance not by his own will nor volition but by the enormous bad political party that he found himself, Emeka Ihedioha would have being Aso-Rock favorite if he had decamped from the PDP to APC immediately he was sworn in as the Chief Excutive Governor of Imo State; but here we promise the Fulani janjaweed Sharia law court and her sharia Chief Justice of Nigeria Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed that the ruling undemocratically, outlawed judgement that ousted Mr. Emeka Ihedioha out of office be reversed, revisited or fresh election be reconsidered or re-conducted. 

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