By Comrade Nwawube Ezeobi Writer, Reporter With The Biafra Post January 24, 2020 I do apologize for the little delay in narrating the second episode of my Port Harcourt city Donald J. Trump rally experience; I had promised myself since 20th January 2017 that my escape from Port Harcourt city was a timely miracle and nothing but miracle, it happens that nature kept me so I can expose the terrorist Nigerian government and her security apparatus on her citizens and to a larger extent her numerous gross inhuman atrocities rendered on Biafra agitators. When the shootings became severe and unbearable, I made my way out of the dispersing and suffocating crowd through the help of comr. Godwin Joel and an Ogoni friend. I was half dead as my spirit failed me within, I couldn’t utter a word as I was stifled still in shock. They smuggled me to a park that will take me as far as Owerri, - the capital city of Imo State. The white pair of trouser that I was putting on had turned black and I looked very haggard and tattered. I managed to bid my friends goodbye as we zoomed of using the fast Sienna executive car. What I missed to inform the readers was that I came to Port Harcourt with my locally made Biafra muffler, then i purchased a Biafra wrist band at the venue of the rally. I was severally advised to dump those Biafra materials as a security measure against any impending danger on my way by Nigerian Security agent doing stop and search on Biafra highways but just as always, I celebrated my defiance and fanatic nature. I said to myself, this materials must get to Anambra State with me as it came from there. Few kilometres away from Port Harcourt city main town, I was able to find out that out of the eight people in the sienna, seven were IPOB members running away from the marauding Nigerian military forces deployed to go and kill Biafra agitators celebrating Donald J.Trump of America landmark victory in Port Harcourt city. All of a sudden, there was heavy military checkpoints at every three (3) kilometres, they would order everyone down and conduct a search. I was still figuring out what the military checkpoints was all about when we received a call on what was going on along the road. The Nigerian Military men had been ordered to search every single bus and other public vehicles moving out of Port Harcourt city so as to deal with Biafra escaping agitators that came from other States within the Port Harcourt catchment areas for the rally, the source confirmed that any person found with Biafran flag or any insignia will be whisked to an unknown destination. Then I knew the killing spree had not ended. We were to be rounded and decimated for daring to support or celebrate Donald J. Trump of America in a Muslim State and a country like Nigeria where her President is a religious bigot, a staunch and fanatic Sharia Islamic movement head. I was still contemplating on what to do with the materials in my school bag, when we were stopped by a military checkpoint that have more than ten heavily armed soldiers. We were all ordered down and a search started. We were made to stand in a straight line as they searched each and everyone of us. I stood as the last person on the line and murmured only but a short prayer “ Chukwu Okike Abiama" if this is how I will pay the price for Biafra, let thy will be done, all I ask is that my people somehow should know how I was taken down". Before I could finish murmuring my prayers, it was my turn as nothing was found on others. A soldier looked at me and asked why my clothes was very dirty?. I knew “it was finished"( the lion had been caged),I did not respond because I had nothing to say. I was waiting for him to order that my bag be opened just as he had done to others but heaven knows what this Fulani man - the Soldier suddenly remembered as he ordered me back to the car and he ran off towards their checkpoint but for close to 30minutes as we sped off, I couldn’t get to terms with what happened. When I narrated to my comrades in the car of what I carry in my bag, they burst out in praise with the lady amongst them shedding tears of joy that I survived the massacre by the Almighty hand of Yahuah. Anyway I had to hid my Biafra materials behind the driver's seat as many other searches where conducted before we got to Owerri. I took back my Biafra materials and made for Anambra from Owerri at "Control" a popular Junction opposite Assumpta Maria Catholic Cathedral in Owerri. What happened to many Biafrans who were picked up at many checkpoints is still unknown till now. Why heaven preserved me from the hands of the hegemonic Military zombies is still a miracle I couldn’t explain till date but remain eternally grateful to the creator of heavens and earth - Chukwu Okike Abiama. We have but irreversible decision and that is to restore Biafra, no matter how many of us you kill, we can never back down. May the souls of my beloved comrades in the struggle - brothers and sisters massacred on the 20th day of January 2017 in Port Harcourt city be vindicated by Donald J.Trump of America, men, females, boys and girls died in Biafra land for your victory Sir, far away in America; may their lovely and passionate souls continue to torment Nigeria till she finally collapses.

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