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January 16,2020

The fundamental Rights Action filed by Bar ifeanyi Ejiofor before the Federal High Court Awka wherein he is seeking reparation in the sum of N5Billion Naira against Nigeria Police , Chief of Army Staff and Nigeria Army , for murderous invasion of his home, bloodletting, Carnage , killings of innocent and unarmed civilians, looting of high degree, burning down of his entire household of six buildings and burning down almost half of his village which carnage destroyed over 42 building, came up on the 15th day of January 2019.

The above crime against humanity was masterminded by emeka Orakwue Offor.
The court sat but the police was unrepresented and have not filed any counter to the Bar Ejiofor's claim, which claims are well supported by unassailable and impeccable facts. The court has against the backdrop of the failure of the Police to defend their mess , consequently adjourned the matter to the 5th day of February 2020 for definite hearing. His Lordship proceeded to direct that all Respondents on record should be served with hearing Notices against the hearing now scheduled for the 5th day of February 2020.

It is very easy for the police to carry out the babaric acts of massive destruction of lives and properties in the home of Bar Ejiofor but now found it very difficult to defend the same action before a court of competent jurisdiction now called upon to probe the dastardly and heinous crimes of the police and soldiers in the mourning home of a high profile lawyer.

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