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January 14, 2020

Iran’s revolutionary guards take responsibilities for downing Ukrainian aircraft outskirts of Tehran few days after their second most top man Qassem Soleimani was bombarded by US troops with drones at Baghdad International Airport. There were motions and counter motions on US/Iran faceoff; it becomes globally discourse with discussants from all folks of life expressing their views on the trend clamoring probably world war III and its consequences.
Among the matters raised was did US President Donald J. Trump violates International law or invaded Iran’s sovereignty? Mixed reactions on the above subject matter will comprehensively enlighten the general public on international law and its guiding principles.

It might suspiciously sounds strange to some people that a war monger and hostile territory like Iran can openly accept guilt that she unintentionally shot down an Ukraine's jet as noted by Iranian Guard’s aerospace commander. The incident calls for argument for and argument against by tin thinkers and analysts. Fewer than 48 hours US President Donald J. Trump trashed the claimed on Iranian TV, that 80 US soldiers were killed and her military base in Iran bombed with ballistic missiles, maybe as President Donald J. Trump of America had debunked the claims by Iranian government might be the sole reason soft target incidentally were victimized.

The terrorist Iranian government went after an Ukraine aeroplane with 176 passengers on board and shot the airplane down to crashed, terrorist Iranian government to prove her manpower and indirectly divert world attention on the dichotomous war of aggression among the two countries denied her involvement in this gruesome mass murder.

Skeptically, it sounds logically amateur to believe the attacked was coincidence, human error few hours Iran fired US military bases with ballistic missiles without casualty. Logically, Qassem Soleimani’s death as directed by Trump was neither, really contravenes international law nor undermines Iran’s sovereignty in essence that embassies irrespective of location represent the country’s owner andmust not be attack not minding the social upheaval and unrest because it serves as a protector, refugee camp, asylum for vulnerable according to International law and treaty.

Under Soleimani’s command - he on several occasions violated this law, the attacks on US embassy in Iraq undermined US integrity as a world power whereas already the terrorist - Mr. Soleimani was on both Israeli and US wanted list respectively. Double criminality is a serious crime in International law, no country in the world openly embraces terrorism; though Islamic New World Order in most cases secretly embraces, sponsors, and are complicit in any terrorist attacks by few Islamic governments in Middle East and other continent like Africa – Nigeria to be precise led by Janjaweed terrorist Fulani fundamentalist tyrant Muhammadu Buhari and his Abuja cabals.

After Iranian government initially denies having hands in the attacks then blamed it on mechanical issue brought down Boeing 737-800 aircraft later accepted to have strike the jet mistakenly was absolute contingent double standard, it absolutely stand to mean that Iranian government Intentionally carried out that attack on the Ukraine aeroplane. Ukraine President - Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky and other world leaders should go far beyond mere inquiries, punishment and compensation if not, should Iran eventually acquires nuclear weapons they might wake up a day and destroy the world and blame it on human error and mechanical issue.

Although, President Donald J. Trump and his Republican party won’t allow such to happen as he had earlier notified Iranian government that once he remains the President of the United State of America, Iran nuclear deal is a dead project. On the other way round, after forensic evidences before Iranian revolutionary guards accepted to have gunned down the jet vindicated President Donald J. Trump’s assertion that Iran can never acquire nuclear weapon under his watch.

In war theater at times soft target(s) is/are either be the main purpose to compliment the death of a once considered superman like late Mr. Soleimani, Iranian government dismissal or attempt to divert world attention on the disgraceful defeat Iran conceive for been heated hard by US diplomatic offensive demands that the United Nations sanction Iran from world leadership engagements. Be that as it may, Iran later feeling remorse while it is obvious she is indirectly calling for de-escalation of war, peace, serenity within the sub region is somehow civilize but sacrificing 176 innocent passengers is sacrilege against humanity. The scenario is synonymous with the proverb that says "when two elephants fight grasses suffer the brunt"

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