Nigeria, a Den of Murderers

By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie 
Published on The Biafra Post | 06 Dec. 2019

The reference here is not on the army and police killing drivers and commercial motorcyclists who fail to give them N100 naira forced tips they routinely collect; it is not on the army, police, and DSS killing unarmed nonviolent Biafrans; it is not on Fulani herdsmen raping and killing us in our land; it is not on APC politicians using the police and even the army to kill and maim while rigging votes; it's not on the police burning houses in Aba; it's not on Muslims beheading Christian preachers; nor is it even on Boko Haram doing what they know best to do. The reference here is the now brewing killing recipe, the absurdity called Hate Speech Bill.

There is no bill against Hate Action, but there is a bill for hate speech. Hate action generates hate speech. No one wakes up and start speaking hate. There is always a motivating factor – an act of hate – stirring the speech. You act hatefully and the victim of your hate action, out of pain, cries out. If in pains he utters a hateful word, you generated it through your hateful act. You met out a hateful act against a man and expect him to keep dumb? It's like beating a child and expecting him not to cry. It doesn't work.

If the stomach-driven initiative-denied pot-bellied lot mistaking selves as legislators really meant to inject sanity in the country, their focus would have been on Hate Actions, not hate speech, for the former precipitates the latter. It is a hate act to exclude the entire five core Igbo states in your railway project; it is a hate act for Fulani herders to enter a community, destroy their farms, rape and kill them. It is an act of hate to abduct, incarcerate and kill people for no offense other than demanding self-determination. It is an act of hate to abandon Niger/Delta region where the wealth of the country is generated and develop North which contributes nothing to government coffers.

It is a hate act to deploy a detachment of soldiers to eliminate Mazi Nnamdi Kanu – a civilian – who despite being illegally detained for two years was found guilty of nothing. It is an act of hate to abandon fellow countrymen to die in the xenophobic attacks in South Africa simply because they are Igbos. It is an act of hate to witch-hunt Alex Onyema for daring to rescue the abandoned folks in South Africa.

This bill, sponsored by the caliphate, is designed to gag the press and any dissenting voice that might speak up against the Fulanization agenda of the cabal running Nigeria. When signed into law, it will permit the hanging of anyone who calls Fulani herdsmen terrorists, anyone who opposes RUGA settlement, anyone who calls the president a despot, anyone who describes the APC government as evil, anyone who talks about the almajiris, anyone who points out the lying proficiency of Lai Mohammed and his protégé, Femi Adesina, and anyone who criticizes the government and its officials.

With a legislature plotting to hang its own citizens for mere utterances, Nigeria is obviously becoming a den of murderers. Those who describe it as a zoo thus become justified.

Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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