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7th December 2019

The father of leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, Eze Isreal Okwu Kanu whose death was announced yesterday, was a strong believer in the Biafra cause his son is championing. In the last interview he had with OKEY SAMPSON for Saturday Sun sometime ago, Eze Kanu said he would rather abdicate his throne as a traditional ruler than not giving 100 percent support for his son.

You may have had high hopes your son would be released last week, but he was not, how do you react to this failed expectation?

Well, it’s true that his release has taken time but every Biafran in Abuja I learnt was protesting that he be released. Even those of them that were not on their Biafran uniform later changed to it, flying their flags and also chanting that he should be released. It made me sad that he was not released because I expected them to release him on that very day but it didn’t come true instead they adjourned the case.

Do you think it is just for him to continue to be in custody?

No, I don’t see any reason why they should not obey the order which granted him bail; they should not continue to detain him. He is not supposed to be in cell any more.

What’s your appeal to the Federal Government?

I’m appealing to the Federal Government and (President Mohammadu) Buhari in particular to release my son because he is not fighting with arms; he is just talking with his mouth. Also half of Nigerians believe that he has not done any wrong and he should be released. Buhari should tamper justice with mercy and release him because he has not come to destroy rather he wants to set things right. If Biafra is granted there is nothing Nigerians will look for in Biafra that they will not get the same is applicable to Biafrans.

Will you advice your son to stop the Biafran pursuit for his freedom?

No, I will not. Biafra is not only applicable to my family it is for everyone.

Would you abdicate your throne as condition for Biafra to be realised?

Yes, even in the next 24 hours I will agree if that is the condition necessary for Biafrans to be free. My kingship is not as important as Biafran freedom.

Why is Biafra so important to you?

Biafra is important to me because there is nothing greater than one’s freedom. Yes, we are just like slaves the way we are for example the newly appointed ministers can’t you see we are rejected. All the positions we are supposed to get they shared among themselves so I want Biafra.

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