Co Authored, by Nwawube Ezeobi and Comr Onyegbula Solomon
November 13, 2019

Writes For The Biafra post

Nigeria gained her independence from the colonial Britain in 1960 and was said to be a full republic by 1963, but what baffles the learned world is why Nigeria is still largely being controlled by British government.
The British high commissioner's impromptu visit to Biafra land which they carefully referred to as south eastern Nigeria at the wake and increased agitation for Biafra, gave rise to many questions about Britain's continued interest in the fast failing Nigeria.

Digressing a bit, the people of Biafra have continuously cried foul against their position in the Nigerian entity created by British during colonial competition, but the British government with whatever interests they have in Nigeria had never taken a step to solve the Biafran cry for fairness and equality and sustaining of their right to live but the same British government at the rise of the Biafra call for freedom are quick to employ all manners of trick to quench the agitation.

Probably the British government is not aware that the very first article in Nigeria's national interest remains "the defence of the country's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity"

The aforementioned implicates Britain's interference as unlawful and neocolonialistic in nature.
Nigeria is for Nigerians and Nigerians are and should be allowed to determine how best to cooperate with one another.
The British high commissioner should as a matter of importance take another look at the positions taken by Nigeria's first Republican leaders about Nigeria unity and juxtapose it with the current quagmire in the Nigeria entity today.

The high commissioner of course should understand that what Brexit meant to Britain, same does "Biafrexit means for Biafrans.
There is a big question every right thinking human on earth who loves freedom, Justice and fairness should ask Britain. Why does she find it good to exit EU and abhors Biafra from leaving this contraption called Nigeria were they (Britain) lumped us into Britain's Nigeria. Is Britain not really evil? Selfish and greedy as argued by some people?
Britain should understand that no amount of appeasing and move can stop the shear zeal of IPOB to restore Biafra in this time.

Britain should also understand that the corrupt politicians they have chosen to meet in Biafra land are very much in the minority as such can not gather a smallest fraction of what Mazi NNAMDI KANU controls.
Any visit not geared towards Biafra restoration is dead on arrival. This, is what Britain must understand.
Nigeria is an evil empire created by Britain, however we know that haven seen that her company is fast collapsing, she decides to embark on a mission, though fruitless to save this contraption. But like one destined to fail, Nigeria must eventually collapse to free humanity.

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