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Authored By kelechi Okorie, For TPB
September 4, 2019

The guff xenophobia ideology most South Africans harbored in their mind is barbaric and uncalled for, Nelson Mandela, of blessed memory, must have regretted in the grave for the sacrifices he made to liberate his motherland with the assistance of foreigners that fought to end Whites Boers Supremacy in the 1980s. I remembered making my donation as a little student then tagged Mandela Tax, to liberate South Africa from the apartheid regime, the Biafrans’ contributions made South Africa what it is today not because they wanted to lavished their resources no! But as free thinkers with inherent republican philosophy by nature, they believe in freedom for all irrespective of borders differences or distance. As the name Biafra literally implies, meaning come and join or asylum, Biafrans liberate hearts of accommodation extended their warm heart of fellowship which South Africa benefited immensely, though, it was politically generalized as aids from Nigeria, truth remains Biafrans were the helping hands that brought end to apartheid policy/whites tyranny regime, I cannot remember a single aid from northern Nigerian, I stand to be corrected only from Yoruba extraction under then Head of State, Olusegun Obasanjo.

The undemocratic incite statements made by both South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa and his Deputy Police Minister Bongani Mkongi indicated South Africa government is totally and solidly behind the bastardized inhuman attacks against foreigners in their country. Police officers with primary responsibilities to protect life and properties were complicit to adhere to their assigned duties. Very bad indeed, South Africa police was caught on camera shot directly at foreigners taking live video coverage of brutal killings of foreigners by indigenous South Africans. Had it been Nelson Mandela is alive today, he would have reminded his fellow countrymen how Biafrans rendered succors for their survival, it was Jaja Wachuku, that granted Mandela asylum for good six months in Nigeria, when he serves as a Foreign Affairs Minister in 1963/64 with free education to 300 South African students and free passports to travel. However, Nelson Mandela along with 12 other controversial South African politicians lives was saved during Rivonia trial death sentence, United Nations and the South Africa government intervened through Jaja Wachuku, a Biafran, death-sentenced was changed to life imprisonment.

The conception foreigners took over their land, businesses, position, women etc is fallacy from the pit of hell. Most Africa nations under the occupation of external control (imperialism) are spearheaded by multinational companies in the pretense of Foreign Direct Investment, not individuals’ working day in day out to make a living dominate South Africa. Individuals only work hard which anybody including South Africans can do if they were to travel another man’s soil outside their periphery. Engaging the Nigeria government to foresees the welfare of her citizens in South Africa is as the same thing as allocating Boko Haram terrorists or Fulani bandits to protect communities under severe attacks. South Africans knew Nigeria does not have a responsible functional government to intervene diplomatically rather prefers her citizens to be killed hence; their cows were not affected but Biafrans, who are shacking the wrong fraudulent Nigeria foundation. Nobody should be surprised Nigeria embassy chased Biafrans back when they ran for safety as citizens according to international diplomatic protocol demands.

In spite all the shenanigans, Biafrans in South must remain strong and united more than ever at the same time be a keeper to each other, worst comes may self-defense becomes panacea, inevitable as enshrined in United Nations Charter also applicable to law of nature seems Nigeria government is not hiding her conspiracy in total support to eliminate Biafrans in South Africa, with belief IPOB finance

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