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Written By Kelechi Okorie,
September 4,2019

I took my time to study outbursts from Nigerian politicians mainly those from northern extraction that invented the body double in replacement of late Buhari intensively they are under pressure, most of them may likely develop high blood pressure for seeing their imported body double helplessly disgraced by members of IPOB in faraway Japan. The de facto president by proxy Abba Kyari may have wish the impostor stays in without making an inch outside Nigeria border. All the things, been equal, perhaps, the presidency has also seen that IPOB members cannot be intimidated neither do they have any an atom of fear on their resilience quest for Biafra restoration. Photoshop master planner Femi Adesina, failed woefully on his deceptive perimeter ethic to make mediocre gullible Nigerians have faith in their contracted political deco that was present at just concluded Yokohama International Conference On Africa Development TICAD7 Yokohama, held in Japan, but disappointed watching their lies are thrown to oblivion of nonexistence as IPOB’s was at the scene monitoring the conference from the beginning to the end without seeing neither Nigeria on the list of invitees nor representative present as presidency earlier boasted by unrepented lying deacon Femi Adesina, that Mr. impostor jets out Abuja International Airport for TICAD7.

Presidency ironically planned as they use to, but ends up turned an agony, no breathing space was entertained by IPOB brethren in Japan, to an extent of unveiling the Intercontinental Hotel where all the representatives were lodged by Japanese government yet Nigeria was not on the hotel reception lists. The national embarrassment was unimaginable to condoled by northern political juggernauts, their emotion became unhidden to the level ordinary SSA to the body double on foreign affairs and diaspora Abike Dabiri, was spotted seen on National Television Authority NTA, lamenting her grievances over IPOB national embarrassment melted against the common criminal impersonating the late president and disgrace on Nigeria international relations with other countries of the world. Heavy panic in Aso Rock, Nigeria seat of power was if the impostor will still make it back to Nigeria, as IPOB leader Nnamdi Kanu, instructed to trap him by all means, only this slapped Aso Rock to be mute but re- strategized on the next game to be played. Notwithstanding, IPOB is able and capable to thwart all their plans to zero.

A hate speech call by Junaid Mohammed, against IPOB to pay with their blood should any attacks are carried out against the body double shows he is a mediocre far from reality, a mentally derail cow fellow that always think only north has the monopoly of violence, a retrograde bandit with nothing to offer other than shedding the blood of unarmed innocent citizens. As a free thinker drum of war means nothing to Biafrans, Junaid Mohammed can rant like a bandit terrorist he is, one thing he must not forget is, the impostor is banned from any foreign trip for whatever reason. The solid confinement and confiscation stand as far as IPOB is a concern not even handlers from British empire can save the political actor until he faces the caught and handed over to Interpol to face the full wrath of the law.

The hired moribund faceless letter writers by dubious Nigeria political gladiators must know US President Donald Trump, is not like a shithole president his reasoning is zinc zed, their letter won’t see the light of the day because the US is among the just civilize democratic countries in the world with functional rule of law. Probably the meaningless letter may likely be flush inside a pit as Trump once called Nigerians leaders a shithole with no reasoning capability to be regarded as a human being. By the way, going by the trash written to US government to stop Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB legitimate activities in the US, where were their pens when IPOB was proscribed a terrorist organization behind the bar by Nigeria government? Perhaps, the moribund letter writers were junketing when the military killed dozens of IPOB faithful’s in the name of Operation Python Dance II now remember to write when the tables turn against them.

Is not yet over, until it is over, as the impostor may have escaped Japan for Nigeria through the diplomatic tag, he must bear it in mind he cannot run away from his shadow, is either he does always his proscription nonsense or decline to travel outside the shores of Nigeria border remains intact. southeast governors and Ohaneze Ndigbo can organize many banditry meetings as they like conditions presented to them by IPOB hierarchy remains unchangeable until justice prevails.

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