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Author Anyi Kings
May 2, 2019

Before I proceed to this very important and undiluted analyst of the death of prophet Anthony Nwaoko who was one time a friend of IPOB and her leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu before his recent outburst of unfounded imaginary allegation against Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of a compromise during the just concluded sham Nigerian 2019 presidential election. I'll use this space to observe a munites silence in memory of our fallen heroes and heroines those who had paid the ultimate price of sacrifice so that we shall live and an extension to all Biafrans that were unjustly murdered by Nigerians and her security forces since 1945, and also that of the horrible genocidal war against Biafrans 1967 - 1970 and the continuous unjustly massacring of innocent Biafran by Nigeria governments and their state-sponsored terrorism through Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen in disguise. Not forgetting the recent barbaric murder of Anthony Nwoko by the unknown gang to taint IPOB image. In this memorial Month of Biafra fallen heroes and heroine. I pray may the blood of every single soul of Biafran murdered unjustly hunt their killers from generation to generation isee! isee!! isee !!!

First as an individual and also as a Biafran who hates unjust killing of any soul be it a Biafran or none Biafran and in extension as a bonified IPOB and a follower of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu I make bold to condemn the murder of Mazi Nwoko by unknown gunmen as the news says. But that's not the priority of this article rather this article is aimed at the rumour of those alleged to be behind the murder of innocent late Mr Nwoko.

It is on record that Nwoko was a friend of IPOB and a close allies to Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. To the extent that he visited the supreme leader of IPOB in Kuje Prison during his incarceration by the F.G of the Zoo called Nigeria. It's also on record that he recently accused Mazi Nnamdi Kanu of compromising the struggle he further alleged that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has taken some millions of Naira or dollars from the opposition candidate of People's Democratic Party (PDP) as a bargain to drop Biafra agitation and call off election Boycott order. These are mere imaginary allegation without evidence to his proof which can be opinionated in response that he might be the one that is in reality been compromised. As his argument couldn't hold any water, in the sense that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu the Ipob leader who ordered for election Boycott in his several interviews and broadcast was very straightforward in his reasons for the order and the condition that needed to be met for the order to be called off. It's very very accessible in every social media platform.
But what some desperate money-making individuals and groups that are assiduously working for Nigeria government against Biafra project are skipping from the late Nwoko's claim is that there are other individuals and groups he also mentioned and accused of compromise. But on a close attention on how the news of the murder of this gentleman emanated and the fast concluded investigation by some desperate individual and groups that claimed to sympathize more for his unjustly murder and their evil plot in pointing finger to the supreme leader of IPOB Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his followers as those behind the murder of this Mr Nwoko, without substantial evidence is clear proof that these individuals and groups are in business for their pocket.

IPOB has always been known as proactive and responsive freedom fighter movement through their unique way of organized peaceful civil disobedience without any record of violence, murder, or kidnapping since it's existence, even on the face of unjust killings, arrests, detentions and betrayals from their own supposed political elites that should be representing their interest. Due to the chain of command and oaths of allegiance been uphold by the movement.
It's impossible to act against order even if you want to, unless you are not part of the canopy of the leadership of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu This is the reason a command for elections boycott will be given and Biafran will standstill and the same election Boycott will be called off and Biafran will follow the order without question. This is the reason why Biafrans will always be on the streets of every part of the world protesting creating awareness and also continuing our peaceful protest in the streets of Biafra land and Nigeria in general at every order even in the face of unwarranted killings by Nigeria security forces. And this command and control policy of IPOB is the reason why Nigeria today is in shamble and sinking. And the only reason they are desperate to break the chain using every means possible and some money monger individuals and groups with Biafra agitators in disguise sees it as a fast cash opportunity to their end meet business.

It is on this note that I convincingly derive my narrative and investigation that no a bonified Biafran who is also a follower of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu will conspire to assassinate the acclaimed cleric for a mere critic, accusations through his imaginary so-called prophecies against the struggle for the restoration of Biafra ably led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. IPOB and its leadership cannot lay low to go after unpopular cleric because of his mere accusations against our leader, after all, he is not the only one who has accused or criticize our leader and the struggle in one thing or the other. IPOB and its leadership are too focused on Biafra Restoration Project and have no time for assassination conspiracy against a fellow Biafran. The least they can do is release a statement for public enlightenment and for record purposes as it's very clear that Biafra shall be restored and everyone must give an account of his deeds and misdeeds according to the law of Biafra without compromise.

On alleged phone threat:
IPOB has always made use of phone calls text messages, social media and press releases as an avenue to protest and respond to critics while they remain focused on the issues affecting Biafra struggle. which is a peaceful and civilized way to freely air our view or respond to our critics.

If IPOB is to go after clerics with opposing view, Nwoko who was one time a friend of IPOB
was too unpopular and irrelevant to the struggle or against the struggle for IPOB to have him in a list. While there are notable clerics, politicians, traditional rulers, who are openly working with our enemies and on record of complicity to the series of killings of innocent Biafrans by Nigeria security forces through operation python Dance.

But the fact is that every reasonable mind with common sense will always spot the real enemy that is likely to be behind the murder of the man Nwoko if common sense is given a chance to prevail. By asking the following questions to some individuals who claim to be more sympathetic to the murder of Nwoko and who suddenly turn to be whistleblowers of the assassination rumour, the investigators, the prosecutors and at the same time the judges that found IPOB and it's leadership guilty of the killer of Nwoko.


Before the alleged murder of Nwoko, he made a video of a threat message suspected to be IPOB members.

But the truth is that those threats are just a suspect as it is very clear that anyone with the evil plan can as well claim to be an IPOB And make a threat and make good of his threat just to blackmail IPOB. Now the question is what is the forensic investigation carried out by these agents of Nigerian states that proves IPOB behind the killer of Nwoko,? evidence of numbers of those that made threats? evidence of order to make such threats by the leaders of IPOB? Are they really IPOB members? Under which zone or unite? Is there any evidence as an outstanding order to go after Nwoko apart from the mere response on his critic against our leader? What is the relationship between Nwoko while he was alive with these whistleblowers of his death? are they in the same ideology? why this much interest? what is the motive interest in his murder?

Nwoko's fallout with IPOB came after our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu announced the call off of election Boycott order for the reason that our terms and condition has been met signed sealed and delivered. And our leader gave instructions that those interested to go out to vote are free to go out to vote according to his conscience but further adviced that no one should vote to those who have hand in killing our people. And this is what angered the old man and he started making accusation and counter-accusation against our leader through his imaginary prophecies accusing IPOB leadership of working with PDP. The same Party these individuals and groups that are after their pockets were working for before the election and were accusing IPOB leadership of working for APC, for insisting on election boycott order. If Nwoko was anti-election and a pro-election boycott order in the same ideology with IPOB and Asari Dokubo, BNYL, MOSSOB, others are pro PDP anti-election boycott, Then the murder of Nwoko is not far from the opposition in a desperate bid to blackmail IPOB, which has always been their main goal. In conclusion, Nwoko was used as a scapegoat in the hand of the enemy as he was neither here nor there, hence murdering him will go a long way to use this money making individuals and groups in name of freedom fighter to use his death against for a media blackmail against IPOB, they saw it as good bait and they went for it, a big lesson for unstable freedom fighters as you will always be in the risk to be a victim of bait in the hand of the enemy of Biafra. May his soul Rest In Pesce.

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