Nwawube Ezeobi writes for The Biafran post
April 9, 2019

The term One Nigeria has often being applied to retaliate unity in diversity in the entity called Nigeria.

The unity of Nigeria has been placed at the forefront of the policies of successive Nigerian government predominantly Hausa Fulani oligarchy). Man is motivated by interest and that is the only factor that dominates man's reason for action and inaction.

The question is what informs the tacit resolve by the Fulani oligarchy to keep Nigeria as one even as the people differ in all ramifications?

Since Nigeria is one, oil reserve in Eastern region belongs to Nigeria and there is no doubt about that but what about the gold in Zamfara? When you ask this pertinent question, it will quickly occur to you that “for every rule, there must be an exception" the north is all powerful and decides what belongs to Nigeria and what belongs to the north

For many years, the Niger Delta are massacred for daring to take as little as oil spilling from broken pipelines.

They are arrested and imprisoned for trying to locally refine the oil in their backyard .it is tagged illegal bunkering and oil theft

The exploration of oil by indigenous people living in the Niger Delta area in Nigeria is illegal but the mining of gold in Zamfara by the indigenous people in Zamfara is legal and constitutionally valid

One Nigeria is the biggest scam ever too big the African continent, Nigeria is still one today because the northern oligarchy is afraid to lose the wealth they are making from the Eastern region.

One Nigeria is not borne out of mutual agreement rather it is maintained by force by those who benefit from the exploitation of Biafra land.

Most Nigerians prior to this period are ignorant of the facts that over 30years now, the northern hegemony have been mining gold in the north and keeping the proceeds to themselves whereas the oil in the east is a national asset. It was a few days ago that a disagreement broke out among the indigenous people in Zamfara state, that scuffle led to the exposure of the age-long secret of the much hypocritical northern leadership.

We are not surprised that Nigerians will look on and say or do nothing if an impostor could be arranged from Sudan to head their government there is nothing they (Nigerians) can not unconsciously smile at and move on with their miserable life with.

Nigeria government, if the gold in Zamfara belongs to the Zamfarians why don’t you allow the oil in Niger Delta to belong to Niger deltas?

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