Comr. Onyegbula Solomon
March 5, 2019

In every Democratic society, the Judiciary remains the last hope of the Common Man.
Every Democratic society must, therefore, uphold the tenets of the rule of law in its dealings.
But the Government and the governed must, therefore, abide by the supreme provision of the law/ constitution of the Land. Fairness and Justice, therefore, must remain the bedrock of every Government that believes and upholds rule of law.
One wonders why a country that is acclaimed to be the Giant of Africa, a country that parades her self as a Democratic Nation cannot uphold the smallest fraction of the rule of law. Very shameful is the ugly fact that even the Judiciary that is supposed to stand for fairness and Justice and which many sees as and assume as the last hope of the common man, has made itself a laughing stock both locally and internationally. This is owing to the very unlawful and careless Court pronouncements which keep no one who knows Nigeria in doubt of the obvious fact that judiciary is a big hoax and scam in Nigeria.
After granting Mazi Nnamdi Kanu bail on the 25th day of April 2017 by Binta Nyako, with his trials to commence soon as stated. One expects that given the right atmosphere and in accordance to rules of law, that the government of Nigeria would allow Mazi Kanu a free hearing to defend the allegations leveled against him by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

However, in the usual characteristics of the terrorist Nation like Nigeria and in high neglect of the Law and it's provisions, set out on killing expedition cum mission on the 14th of September 2019 to the home of MNK, to get him killed before his trial date coming in few days time before the illegal invasion. In the process of trying to get him killed, 28 unarmed persons were gunned down by the marauding Nigeria Islamic terrorist soldiers, with scores kidnapped and many sustaining various degrees of injuries, though they failed in their evil mission to kill or eliminate him.
Therefore, under this ugly circumstance, no right-thinking fellow would expect the sureties to produce him in Court as earlier agreed, because the Government through her military has taken laws into her hands to kill an innocent Man standing trials even in their own very Court. Common sense, though not common anyway, should also tell us that the IPOB Leader should secure his life first because if they could seek to kill him in his own home, how much more in their own Court. Just being curious. Again should we now say that Nigeria Government no longer trusts the judgment of her Court? We expected Binta Nyako to ask these critical questions and immediately get Buratai arrested for taking laws into his hands and killing innocent people.

Who ordered the invasion of the IPOB leader's home?
Why was his home invaded in such a warlike manner?
Did he commit any crime against the law of Nigeria? If he has gone against his bail conditions, is it not in the power of the Court to call him to order? Did Binta Nyako allow the defense counsel to explain to her Court on the availability of their client? Is it now the duty of the military to arrest and kill the citizens they are to protect from external aggression?
The above questions and situations surrounding his unavailability in Court explains why Buratai and his janjaweed boys should be arrested so that he can explain to Us on why he embarked on such deadly and illegal mission to kill a Man facing trial.
Until then revoking of his bail and ordering for his arrest remains null and void and as such should be discarded because " when injustice becomes a LAW resistance becomes duty".

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