By Nwawube Ezeobi, Godwin J. Chinedu | The Biafra Post
April 27,2019


The complicity of Nigerian media houses in her reportages and the killing of Biafrans by Fulani herdsmen coupled with the cover-up by same Fulani controlled Nigerian security forces in Biafra has become unbearable that we point on this ugly prowl ravaging Biafra land.
The former Nigerian dictator General Sani Abacha once opined that if a crime lasts for more than 24 hours, the government has a hand in it.

The Islamic government of Nigeria led by one recruited impostor Jubril Saleh Aminu Al-Sudani impersonating Late Gen. Mohammadu Buhari is lame on the affairs of the zoo called Nigeria because of what Aso-Rock cabals tip him on, Mamman Daura and Abba Kayria are the two individuals manning the armed forces of Nigeria and it is unfortunate that over the years the Nigerian media houses have had to defend the menace of Fulani terrorist herdsmen and her security agencies in Biafra land. Just two days ago, they went about killing and maiming Obigbo residents in Igweocha known as Port Harcourt to the extent of killing the prince of the Kingdom - Prince Orubum.

Some weeks ago it was in Anam in Anambra State that they struck killing farmers, raping young girls and mothers and yet nobody got to report or hear of it. Now we are asking if the ever compromised Nigerian armed forces meant to defend her civilians are not complicit to these heinous crimes, why is it till date no serious arrest and prosecution of these marauding terrorists in name of cow herders? Recall that when tyrant Mohammadu Buhari was alive said the Fulani herdsmen he knows, moves about with sticks and not killers then who is the person(s) that equipped this dreaded Fulani herdsmen that are killing and ravaging Biafra land and some parts of Middle Belt?.

Does it also mean just like the BokoHaram insurgents that the herdsmen are also more sophisticated than the Nigerian Army and her sister department the Nigerian Police Force; that these cow herding marauders cannot be apprehended in order to curtail their thirst for blood. It is shamefacedly that the security agents are so prompt in arresting innocent civilians when they try to protest the killing of their loved ones more than they react when they see herdsmen killing civilians.
As Biafrans observe days of mourning following the continuous massacring of her people in terror attacks by the Fulani herdsmen, sane minds must question the very essence of heavy military presence in Biafra Land. Also, recall that the Nigerian Army of perdition through her Commander of 35 Artillery Brigade Command, Alamala, Abeokuta, Brig-Gen. Olaniyi Olatunde, tried to justify the heavy presence of the Nigerian Military in the defunct old Eastern Nigeria balkanized into South-East and South-South on the basis that they are to relate with the citizens and the mandate to provide adequate protection and security, a typical lie of average Nigerian security personnel.

The death tolls continued to go up, as our people are now forced to live and watch in horror at the violence that has become a daily nightmare, three deadly back-to-back attacks on our people have renewed our concerns and also vindicated our believe that the Nigerian Military and her sister department the Nigerian Police force are complicit in the on-going state sponsored terrorism mete on our people, since the APC cabal led Federal government of the African big zoo call Nigeria has refused to proscribe or bring this killer Fulani herdsmen to Book for their heinous crime perpetrated on not only Biafra but also the entire Christian communities in Nigeria has justified IPOB stance for the total dissolution of Nigeria since the Islamic government of Nigeria and her armed forces cannot explain to the world why they have not done anything tangible to provide those under life threat sufficient security or at least condemn all this terror attacks, the fact that these Fulani terrorists are succeeding in killing of the innocent without any hindrance tells you all you need to know about the situation we all found ourselves under this tyrant regime of terror and havoc.

What about the unprincipled Nigerian media houses?. The media has been bastardised and mesmerized to a point of decaying carcass; Biafrans have lost whatever thing call hope they previously had in Nigeria media, Biafrans were dismayed to their bone marrows when they overheard a presenter on radio program telling a caller not to refer to the terrorist as "Fulani herdsmen" rather he should call them "herdsmen" because to her they don't know the ethnicity of the herdsmen.
In Biafra, we have seen a bunch of government stooges that eke out a living from journalism and they have pledged their loyalty to the caliphate government of the day and her zombiism; it is most surprising that the Nigerian media houses had in her existence as an independent body tested the independent nature of the media - never.

Media is a unified body created to keep the government in check and balance had turned to be a tool of the government against the masses. The conspiratorial silence of the Yoruba controlled media is heartbreaking and a gift to the Fulani terrorist herdsmen and their apologist, the above assertion is made clear when looking at the media reactions to Fulani terrorism across Nigeria, to overlook and ignore such crime is to be an accomplice to the crimes committed by these Fulani herdsmen.

There is an urgent need for clear reportages of events that are as significant as the rampaging Fulani massacring of our people in Omanbala renamed Anambra and Igweocha renamed Rivers State respectively because one of the treasures of a sound democratic society is that it facilitates and relies upon the freedom of journalistic expression and reportages.
The criminal and overbearing silence of the Islamic government of Nigeria both her Judiciary and Legislature coupled with her Armed Forces and the media is a proof that the unity of Nigeria is far from being realizable hence dissolution should be considered a top notch.

Edited by Ndubuisi Eke
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