By Hon. Nwawube Ezeobi, Comr. Onyegbula Solomon | The Biafra Post
April 28, 2019

This volume of "Hard-Truth" sets out to deal in black and white the recent distractions being peddled and dished out by the Islamic Nigerian government; manned and stage managed by one ever compromised career vandalism later turned pipeline security contractor - Asari Dokubo.
On this segment of Hard-Truth, we have seasoned political analysts in the house, Hon. Nwawube Ezeobi of the Biafra Reporters and please Sir can we hear from you?.

Excerpt from Hon. Nwawube Ezeobi Sir, When I read a book written by late Ken Saro Wiwa, while he was in prison awaiting to be hanged by dictator Gen. Sani Abacha. This book is titled "A MONTH AND A DAY". I understood clearly that most of these self-acclaimed Niger Deltans were deceived into believing Ndigbo is the cause of their problem, Ken. Saro Wiwa though with good intentions for the Ogoni people still failed to align with the right team, he narrated how he campaigned against the liberation of Biafra from the entrapped British government created Nigeria and stood diplomatically against Biafra but all these mischief behaviour's of him - Ken Saro Wiwa did not keep neither stop the enemies - the Islamic government of Nigeria from hanging him when they finally decided.

The other one is the strong man from Ijaw Nation known as Isaac Adaka Boro, this man physically led the Nigerian troop in the 3rd battalion during the war with Adekunle - the Black Scorpion to advance and push Biafran soldiers back and away from the creek of Biafra land politically turned Niger Delta by the Hausa-Fulani for effective oil exploration and exploitation of the Ijaw Nation of Biafra. Issac Adaka Boro worked assiduously with the Nigerian government troops and delivered the creek of Biafra to the Islamic Nigeria Federal government side. Did his solemn devotion to the one Nigeria illusion dream stop them from mysteriously taking him out their way after he was used to killing his kinfolks - Biafrans of Igbo extraction. The answer is No.

To my surprise is the recent betrayal from the Nigerian politically imbibed baby Jihadist; pipeline vandal cum militant - Asari Dokubo will be undermining Islam as an ideology that drives his thoughts. The enemies of Biafra struggle are very clever and tricky, that is why they are from time immemorial always quick to use our own people to fight us; today Asari Dokubo is a partial freedom fighter that is romancing with his enemies to be his kinfolks. Today Asari Dokubo is feeding fat from his people of the creek of Biafra sufferings, to him it may not sound like a "political business" with the Federal Islamic government of Nigeria but in no distant time he too will be shown the exit way to hell either by his Fulani paymasters or by his people of Niger Delta he is wallowing in wealth, and feeding fat with their tears, sweat and blood. Asari Dokubo is a happy slave today but his name will be despicable to the ear in the near future because no force can stop a determined mind and a set apart ideology which is on that rallying ideology to be a free people.

Excerpt from Comr. Onyegbula Solomon Sir,: In agreement with what my co-analyst here has said, I make bold to state categorically clear that when a once allege supposedly freedom fighter or self-acclaimed freedom fighter starts romancing with the people holding his freedom, then know that something has gone wrong.
Asari Dokubo has turned to a stooge and a medium through which Islam plans to penetrate the holy land of Biafra, having failed in their past attempts to Islamize Biafra. He - Asari Dokubo, has decided to join the enemies of his people to fight his own people, just as late Ken Saro Wiwa and Adaka Boro alike, but in the end, they were found guilty and executed by the same people that find them loving, pleasing to be used against their kinfolks. Why has Asari Dokubo not come out to tell us the killers of able-bodied Youths before, during and after the 2019 election?

Did Asari Dokubo ever condemn the invasion of Tompolo's home?. The calculated attempt and unceremoniously removal of Justice Walter Onnonghen?. Oh! Asari Dokubo why have you allowed yourself to be used by the enemy?. Since Asari Dokubo has now become a CID officer, we expect him to once again tell us and the world at large how Don Wani was killed, how the Youths of Obigbo and surroundings in Igweocha - Port Harcourt were killed some days back that also led to the massacre of a Prince of the land thereof. Asari Dokubo should make haste to inform the well-read society who killed Prince Worenu Orubum in Obigbo Rivers State. Asari Dokubo and his moves to enthrone Islam in Biafra land is a failed project that must be stopped by any means possible.
However, the latest unguided utterances by the ever dirty bloated toad from the creek are not surprising to us - Biafrans and her media reporters, because it is on record that Asari Dokubo is a core Sunni Muslim and his evil Islamic indoctrinations pays allegiance first to the Sokoto Caliphate.

It is also on record that the pipeline security guard is a well-trained Jihadists who went to the same training with the founder of BokoHaram sect (Yusuf Mohammed) in Libya. This big tummy security guard is a killer according to him in one of his latest videos, he said that he is a professional killer, therefore Asari Dokubo should be held responsible for the killings going on in the whole of Biafra land and that of Prophet Nwoko he was using to blackmail the Indigenous People of Biafra and her leadership. Asari Dokubo should know this, those that killed Adaka Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa will still kill him when they are done using him. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Edited By: Ndubuisi Eke

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