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March 29, 2019

The state of precariousness by Justice Mrs. Binta Nyako of the Abuja Federal High Court handling the case of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as initiated and instituted by the Nigerian government based on falsehoods since over twenty four (24), clear calendar months should have guided this biased Judge that a man was accused wrongly and in the spate of being accused was wanted dead by the state that accused him.

Can Justice Mrs. Binta Nyako tell the world at large where her conscience and sense of reasoning coupled with discernment is if really she's a Judge called to bar?. Do she really studied law at school or did she became a Judge of the Nigerian Judiciary through the Nigerian government of Hausa-Fulani quota system which lacks the rudiments of imparting the do and don't of what a law should be or look like in a sane clime.

Her judgment so far has indicated that she's a woman of impure heart; posterity will remember her as that inconsequential Judge of her time during her reign as a Chief Judge in the backward Nigerian state; what makes this woman so careless and unarticulated to be a judge of any sitting court is her inability to reprobate the Nigerian Military in her kangaroo courtroom since Nnamdi Kanu went missing before his sudden reappearance in the state of Israel. If we are to go by what this mentally deranged Judge is laying emphasis on that Nnamdi Kanu jumped bail then have we or she also cared enough to unravel at what happened to the man under her courtroom cover to jump bail.

When Justice Mrs. Binta Nyako passed her judgment regarding to granting Nnamdi Kanu bail, was there any time in her pronouncement that she approbate the Nigerian Military to invade Nnamdi Kanu's home town and his family which led to the loss of lives of twenty-eight persons and Nnamdi Kanu's family pet dog - named "Jack". It was in this Adolf Hitler Gestapo style of killing the Jews as same with invading Nnamdi Kanu's home by Nigerian Military that got him missing. Who instigated the Nigerian Military exercise code-named "Python Dance" to Nnamdi Kanu's home?.

The careless Judge - Mrs. Binta Nyako decided to rule today in favour of her principal and paymaster - tyrant Mohammadu Buhari to get Nnamdi Kanu apprehended from the state of Israel without "onus probandi" burden of truth or prima facie before her intellectually depraved courtroom that lack the wisdom and power to call the Nigerian Army general under the command of Tukur Yusuf Buratai for questioning why they went to kill a man under law scrutiny.

To show the reading community how wicked and subtle this judge - Mrs. Binta Nyako can be, immediately Nnamdi Kanu was declared missing after the Nigerian Military invasion and clamp down on him, either on hostage by the Nigerian Army facilities or being killed carefully extricated Nnamdi Kanu's case from being heard in her courtroom with no sanction on the Nigerian government that sent the Military on him; what she did was to channel all her energies treating Nnamdi Kanu's codefendants case albeit of all evidence that indicted the Nigerian government of being the architect of the military exercise code-named "Operation Python Dance" at Kanu's home not the Python dancing in the forest.

The plethora of justice had been marred on different fronts by the series of unguided court resolutions by this unarticulated and biased Justice Mrs. Binta Nyako; in her desperation working for the Nigerian government charged Nnamdi Kanu's sureties to run a forfeiture of their bail bond since they cannot provide Nnamdi Kanu to her and in her adamant and rigid decision refused to tame the wild behaviors of the Nigerian Military for attacking her subject. This is a clear case of ruling with iron fist as in the medieval era where a tyrant directs the dictates of a sitting judge handling a case that will not favor the state, in her bewildered mental state, IPOB legal team and that of Nnamdi Kanu's sureties legal team challenged her ruling on this frivolous ruling and she Binta Nyako was tamed.

"The Res' who happens to be the subject of attention under study was missing and Mrs. Binta Nyako finds it appealing to continue with the sham judiciary proceedings unperturbed not until Nnamdi Kanu came out to identify with his people and this foolish Justice is asking that Nnamdi Kanu be rearrested for jumping bail, it is appalling that the Judiciary has been ridiculed to the lowest of calibration in the eye of comity of Nations. Judges now misbehave for fear of being trailed by the executive thereby helping the executive to trample on the rights of the common citizens. Enough is enough by the Fulani controlled Nigerian government if peace can't be achieved war becomes inevitable as Nnamdi Kanu have nothing to do with the Nigerian Judiciary under whatsoever guise.

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