By Kelechi Okorie,

Politicians from Igbo extraction are desperately mad, curious to capture power by all possible means, priests are now blind to stand on the truth in this electioneering period, it was an equivalent scenario that made Jesus Christ angrily clear the temple court when Jews turned the house of God to a commercial center. The real politics of who gets what, when and how has severely surfaced among political juntas, pathetic; people see nothing wrong using alter of God for a campaign. Though politics and religion have great impacts in human’s life and its society at large probably either positive or negative, its inherit mode of operation and impulse neither be mix nor interwoven as a result of the classified dichotomy between the two disciplines.

Religion and politics are arrowheads of peaceful coexistence of society’s vice visa, it causes destruction, social upheaval and disharmony rampaging socio milieu experiencing in the world today. Priests of these days are politically enshrined more than the call as servants of God, church members are less fade up on the cowards' attitudes exhibit by supposed men of God who ought to live an exemplary life of emulation. Political complicity of men of God can make one believe on the notion by School of Thought that religion is more of harm than good in human evolution. This School of Thought opines it’s dangerous to raise a child religiously because of it's enraging madness that makes one furious to apply common/ secular reasoning in dealing circumstances. No further argument, politicians from Igbo extraction are politically irreverent in the society for their mischievous ineptitude to better the life of masses that voted them into power, now using a church as only option to scuttle IPOB Sit At Home order.

Four years ago, priests were used by politicians to gain political positions some pastors abandoned the gospel to endorsed their favorite politicians with empty believe somehow the life of masses will be improve, but no avail at the elapse of the four year tenure only state terrorism, violation of human rights, nepotism, marginalization, maladministration as divided of democracy. The life of Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka’s fake prophecy misled Nigerians to believe former president Goodluck Jonathan was bad luck to Nigeria, this demonic prophecy ushered in a terrorist as a president puts the entire country in jeopardy, state of confusion and many families in agony for canvassing their votes in order to obey Mbaka’s prophecy. Past mistakes are likely to repeat itself once again, information at The Biafrapost (TBP) media deck has it, a Rev. Pastor by name Uzozie of Evangelical Fellowship of Nigeria presided at No: 6 Udoka Street Aba, Abia State, asked his church members to bring their PVC, two Passports and #1500 for anonymous help. Church members were not told the source help is coming from, after a thorough investigation, The Biafrapost media crew learned the announcement made by Rev. Pastor on 27th Jan 2019 was politically undertone on the forthcoming election. The reliable source says politicians have lost the argument to convince masses to canvass their votes since the inception of IPOB led by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, that is why churches now become main passage for political rhetoric and endorsement hence members believed men of God speak the mind of God only this format can electorates respond adequately contrary to election boycott socialization by the secession group. Just the same way Catholic cleric tells his members without PVC, no holy communion as if votes count in Nigeria.

Recall, IPOB disrupted PDP campaign at St Mary’s Catholic Church a few weeks ago, when the political priest openly made his members to believe the Executive governor of the state Okezie Ipkeazu, who soiled his hands in the blood of innocent Abians, will still be voted in for the second term. This statement attracted negative reactions from all angles within the church premises making priesthood a laughing stock where all systematic political jingles are sung by rubber stamp politicians to maneuver the collective interest and aspiration of masses. Kings, elders in remote villages are not left out; political desperados have crossed the red line by flashing gullible villagers’ mundane materialism in exchange of PVC. One thing is the certain vote in Nigeria is a vote for perpetual slavery, herdsmen killing, unemployment, and nonpayment of salary, also a waste of time as the already rigged election had long perfected in favor of Hausa Fulani house perfect slave.

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