Biafra: The Evil Team Called Atiku/Obi Ticket; Beware Soul Brother

The Biafra Post | February 5, 2019

With deep sense of concern and duty to our people, I offer, amidst warm tears, to remind our people the true nature of the evil duo they are about making the grave mistake of putting into office. This is a similar mistake we warned against at the buildup of the 2015 rape of franchise labeled election which saw the most barbaric despot into power.

Because Biafrans, especially the Igbo speaking clan, have proven to be the most gullible of political pranks in this ill-fated British experiment referred to as Nigeria, permit me to open the discourse with the beast in human flesh called Peter Obi.

During his years in power as the executive governor of Anambara state, Peter Obi ordered the murder of over a hundred and fifty innocent youths whose dead bodies were not even accorded the traditional respect of burial. Instead, like worthless animals, their bodies were dumped in Ezu River where they floated for weeks. Knowing that any concerted investigation will lead back to him, Obi starkly refused to investigate the gruesome murder despite calls from different quarters. Is this the kind of man you want to put in office? A murderer? If as a mere governor he could shed the blood of those he is supposed to protect, what do you think he would do if he becomes the number two citizen of a murderous entity like Nigeria?

And if you have forgotten, this fellow Peter Obi, who reports have revealed is a homosexual, ascended the throne of Anambra state governor on the platform of APGA, riding on the shoulders of His Excellency, late General Chukwemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. The late General, having instructed that APGA be used as the political front of his lifetime project - Biafra freedom - and having gotten reassurance from the double faced Obi, threw his weight behind him. But Obi, upon getting to office, turned his back on all agreements, pursuing his self-interest rather.

Records are there to remind all and sundry of Obi's pledges and reiterations never to leave APGA for any other party. But today what have we? Has he not dumped APGA? Has he not joined PDP? And this is the same PDP that his own mouth called devilish, corrupt, and harbinger of death. Does anyone need prism to see that this self-seeking man is not just double faced but a shameless dog that returns to its vomit? Now put it all together and ask yourself, "can such a rapacious fellow serve your interest? Can such a double-faced fellow stick to any word uttered in campaigns?" And if the answer to these two questions is no, why then do you want to go out and stand under the harsh sun just to vote?

Does Obi love you and he carried his 15 billion naira worth shopping mall to Abuja? Why did he not build it in Port-Harcourt, Calabar, Enugu, Umuahia, Asaba, Warri, Owerri, or Uyo? He didn't because he doesn't really care about you; he didn't because he wanted his Hausa/Fulani masters to see him serving the interest of the North rather than the East. He knew of course if he built it anywhere in Biafra land the suffering people of Biafra will gain employment, and he didn't want that. He wanted the Hausas to benefit instead. That's the depth of love the man for whose sake you want to go and stand under the sun has for you.

What the mentally bereft folks clamouring for this vermin have failed to grasp is the significance of the melodrama that played out late last year at the Enugu Adoration ground on the bazaar day. Peter Obi clearly demonstrated his serpentine nature and Reverend Father Mbaka saw him for whom he is - an untrustworthy fellow. If Obi could have such temerity to outsmart God, who then do you think you are that he will not dribble? Obi seeks nothing but self-enrichment. Put him to power and you will cry had I known.

Atiku Abubakar - another homosexual secret eyes tell - has through political harlotry clinched the PDP presidential ticket. Just in case anyone has forgotten, Atiku has moved in and out of PDP a record two times, his self-interest oaring him on. What a dishonorable man!

Brethren, do you forget that quick? This man Atiku, whose political drum you are blindly beating today, left PDP to team up with late President Muhammad Buhari in APC in a concerted effort to remove our brother, Goodluck Jonathan, from office. They succeeded, and today he is asking you to vote Buhari (Jubril) out? When, in the pursuit of Fulani agenda, they connived to force Jonathan out of office, did he not know that the man he is helping is moribund? Did he not know he is a tyrant? Are you that daft?

Do you forget this is the same Atiku that fought tooth and neck to frustrate our late brother, Dr. Alex Ekwueme? Do you forget this is the same Atiku during whose time in custom, lots and lots of Igbo owned containers were illegally ceased and auctioned? What do you think will be the fate of Onitsha business men, and come to that, every Biafran business man if an evil man like Atiku ascends into power?

For his self-gain Atiku left PDP twice and returned twice. For his self-gain Peter Obi dumped APGA for PDP. Men without honour! Can you trust such duo enough to entrust them with your future? Isn't it interesting that two political harlots are conjoined and are positioning selves to rule you? Isn't it interesting that Atiku picked a fellow homosexual? Imagine what a country controlled by homosexuals will be. Imagine what a country ruled by self-seeking duo will be.

Beloved, sit at home on the 16th of February, let them who ushered in the evil government of Buhari deal with the monster they created. Boycott the charade nicknamed election.

Do not renew your enslavement.

Written By Nelson Ofokar Yagazie

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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