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January 8,2019

The Biafran struggle is our rallying point. We have collectively shared the misfortune. The enemy (Nigerian state and British ) was not selective in dealing with us. It remains a struggle in which we've been dispossessed, killed, bombarded, starved and massacred, yet the cry for justice, Liberty and freedom stays at front foot of our hearts.

What am I saying? It is undebatable whether we need to be free or not.

But your narrative that Igbo-Nigerians are sensible people thus won't follow anyone for the sakes of it, is fundamentally flawed. The fact is that Igbo Nigerians are the most foolish tribe without sense when you look around in other parts of Nigeria you see the indices of governance compare that to the existing governance in Eastern Nigeria ...what do you see??

I see a people so hopeless that they have been beaten into a stupor without any hopes. Their daughters raped in Abuja hotels, Lagos hotels and all over Nigeria in exchange for poorly paid jobs. Their Men, full of ass lickers or else they leave the country in servitude. Some end up being jailed in foreign countries, killed, while a handful does dirty jobs when they have degrees. How are these people sensible???

Why do you debate so intelligently on IGBO SENSE, yet that same sense can't stop the Politicians of Eastern Nigeria from raping our people??? But if it involves the FREEDOM FIGHTERS, you all will unleash your English proficiency in disparaging the efforts of a Group paying the Supreme Price to free our people.

Where is your Igbo-Sense when Awusa Fulani apportioned 5 states to you with lesser representatives???

Where is your IGBO-SENSE when the Nigerian state promulgated a law making it impossible for Igbo-Nigerians to fairly compete with other Nigerians in terms of CUT-OFF marks into FEDERAL UNITY SCHOOLS??

Where's your IGBO-SENSE when Nigerian state passed a demonic Law, instituting FEDERAL CHARACTER COMMISSION, EDUCATIONALLY DISADVANTAGED AREA AND QUOTA SYSTEMS that placed Igbo-Nigerians on the disadvantage compared to other tribes????

Where is your IGBO-SENSE when the Nigerian state decided not to BUILD ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT INDUSTRIES in your Igbo region???

Where is your IGBO-SENSE when F.G fermented laws that systemically closed down HUGE PRIVATE INDUSTRIES IN ABA and other parts of IGBO LAND? These industries include :
- Golden Guinea Umuahia
- Std. Polyplastics Umuahia
- ABA Textile Mill
- Ceramics Umuahia
- Paint and Resin, Mbaise
- Ezinnachi Clay Factory
- Niger Steel Emene Enugwu
- Niger Gas Emene Enugwu
- Anamco Emene Enugwu
- Mvosi Oil Mill

Where is your IGBO-SENSE????

But when it comes to IPOB and her leadership's commitment to our emancipation, you all on Facebook will remember IGBO-SENSE and her useless republicanism.

As a member of IPOB, we are pursuing our Freedom through an established leadership, which we've tested and conferred our unalloyed CONFIDENCE.

In BIAFRA LAND, we don't follow just anybody. You must demonstrate the capability to lead by example before a TRUE IGBO can beat his chest and willing to die for you. Our leadership have demonstrated that and beyond, and we the people are loyal and ever willing to die regardless...

These generations of Igbo under IPOB have come to serve and we're demonstrating that in every sense via our commitment - never to have seen before in the history of our people.

You can continue to write to attract the gullible who come to praise and sing you without debating the issue at hand... WE WILL NOT VOTE in the coming elections. If all of you praising Charles including Nigerians who are suffering, join us, we will grind the Nigerian state to a standstill and demand fair representation.

As long as you continue to write nice grammar on Facebook, about voting, that never bring the result, our enemies who are the politicians will continue to subdue the rest of us...

Learn to do something different from voting the same criminals... Go and stop the elections, if every one of you Nigerians can demand a RESTRUCTURE before you can VOTE them. Protest nationwide to ask for a restructure before you can vote.. That's the only Power you have as the masses.

If you spend the time to write about Protest and stopping of elections, you may awaken your fellow Nigerians to the only solution at their disposal. But writing to discourage IPOB is dead on arrival.

As IPOB we own up to our mistakes and we respect our LEADERSHIP given the sacrifices and commitment have shown so far. The only way we reciprocate is by our LOYALTY AND SUBMISSION UNTIL FREEDOM IS ACTUALIZED Then we debate about IGBO-SENSE AND REPUBLICANISM.

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