By Kelechi Okorie,
January 9,2019

A nation constitutes a historical stable community of peoples with both economic life and psychological makeup manifested in a common culture. People making up a nation protect her territorial boundaries in a dim feat not minding the cost even spilling of blood the only inevitable option so be it without any shred of fear. Biafrans uncountable demonstrated their love for Biafra nationhood right from time immemorial, the genocide that consumed more than 5 million was an unforgettable experienced barely did you see any family in Biafraland not been victimized just the same way Jewish holocaust by conventional Nazism. Both nations protected her territorial integrity in all spheres their blood was spilt in self-defence of her nations not necessarily they had duplications of life neither do they wanted to waste their life for nothing, No! They were passionately in love to protect the boundaries because the nation is worth dying for.

Who among the proud dubious political elites ready to lay down his life in continuity for Nigeria? Not to talk of ordinary Nigerians walking on the street who always believe dying for Nigeria is the same thing as committing suicide for a prostitute who can easily hock up and flex around with men without showing remorse for sacrificial dead. With no apology, Nigeria political elites are not only selfish but they are also wicked more than the devil himself; they will cause political tension and social unrest with their standby private jets waiting for an emergency to convey them to serene and peaceful countries of the world. Northern politicians were pioneers of Boko Haram in North East, for their selfish quest to continue having control of political power in their region contrary as stipulated by the constitution. Their born to rule mantra never allows them to respect democratic procedure making northern political gimmicks complicit whenever power shift to other regions with preferable ideology to make Nigeria ungovernable to allow an infidel rule over them. Every Nigerian is now feeling the heat of discord seeds sowed by northern political mongers over the years. The divergent political arms of Boko Haram and janjaweed military foot soldiers have gone out of hand to recall after tasting modern sophisticate ammunitions more superior than outdated Nigeria military archaic hardware bought during 1979 Shehu Shagari’s regime.

The video clips of Nigeria soldiers helplessly crying for rescue after total decimation of military camps by terrorist Boko Haram was a sign of surrender and defeat demonstrated by soldiers that Nigeria is not worth dying for. The resignation of soldiers can be seen as the only inevitable option and call all northern Nigeria political elites’ children to go and fight rampaging terrorist group as their fathers were culprits of insecurity ravaging the country. Anything short of that is an exit to an early grave and nobody should be held responsible for any soldier killed. Besides, the present military showdown might be a payback on their unprofessional and uncountable massacred of unarm innocent population and war crime committed against humanity. If there are any Nigerian security forces to be forgiven not the Nigeria Army and police forces, they are useless and hopeless as Nigeria government itself. Yes! Police must face Boko Haram, protesting against been deployed to terrorist enclave can’t save you; you escaped from the camp but can’t run away from your shadow. Those of you police officers hiding must be searched, arrested and persecuted accordingly by the same government you serve so shall you all be rejected by the communities for connived with the terrorist state to shoot dead unarm innocent IPOB members agitating to be free from British slave entity. Funny, now Nigeria arm forces remembered they are a human being with family but never occurs to them those innocent Biafrans killed are breadwinners of their various families. Police complaining does not train to fight Boko Haram won’t change anything, even when it's well spelt out in their lopsided constitution that police is assigned to maintain law and order can’t prevent police to show up force as they also demonstrated against innocent population fighting for survival. After all, Nigeria is non-respecter of law should police redeploys to defend territorial boundaries against invasion is not new, because if police violation of human rights to be dealt with appropriately they all deserve nothing but to face Boko Haram in battlefields to taste their straight.

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