By Kelechi Okorie,

January 5,2019

With an extensive study of political terrain and its happenings, it does not need a political philosopher to tell you Biafraland is deadlock for general election come 2019. I can’t pity anyone wastes his life for one Nigeria already rigged election because is not worth dying for. Even politicians are aware election boycott is imminent more especially presidential election where world attention is centred on. No doubt politicians will dish out money for poor minded fellows to be attracted while they play safe to be victimizing with their standby steaming jet to fly them out of the Nigeria borders once the heat gets started. Less than two months to the election, no sign of electioneering in all spheres nothing to show for, every politician within Igbo extraction is hiding under shield for fear of reprisal angry mob attacks making them prefer using churches and radio stations for political campaign jamborees other than usual fields campaign ground. The need for election boycott has sunk to the conscientiousness of every Biafran perhaps, people have now come to acknowledge the fact voting is as useless as Nigerian politicians who only remembered electorates four years interval of an election period.

As the electoral body, Independent National Electoral Commission INEC unveils the elections timetable stated below; 16th Feb, was slated for Presidential and National Assembly while Governorship and State Assembly/Federal Capital Territory Council will hold on Saturday 2nd March2019. Social uprising may kick off if not manage properly as Abia State Governor, Okezie Ikpeazu, under surveillance probably, can’t escape IPOB wrath ordered by the supreme leader of the group on his new year first live broadcast over the radio. The outspoken leader’s statement paves ways to trigger or stir up peoples harbour grievances to act against the government’s long tolerated subjugations against the peaceful group. Already long await time is fast approaching, Biafrans are extremely happy on hearing order issued by the leader to burn down the state should the staunch sale out Hausa Fulani slave governor retains his position. Abia State, the heart of Biafra agitation, can it be used to set an example for others to learn? As body cells interrelated to each other once a cell affected the whole body system bears the pains. Maybe, Abia State shall be the take-off point before other Eastern States join the upcoming grooming social upheaval that is gradually metamorphosing to unstoppable revolution as predicted years back by T.B Joshua.

The two heavyweight political parties of APC and PDP are highly inflammable to explode at any slight provocation, it could be comfortable to make Nigeria ungovernable than to succumb any false rig results. Only the primaries elections of both parties are signs of an unavoidable state of anarchy facing Nigerians eyebrow to eyebrow. Last year PDP primaries at Igweocha (Port Harcourt) recorded a systematic money bags exchange of hands by Akiku Abubakar and delegates, hard currencies were shared to delegates to vote a particular candidate at the end money career emerges party flag bearer. Furthermore, the dubious terrorist APC counterpart primaries is worst of its kind, announcement results that Buhari accrued 14.8 million votes was a tip of iceberg that rigging is inevitable telling all and sundry on time that broad daylight rigging in Ekiti state governorship and Osun elections respectively are child play to compare with the falling hell of 2019 elections. With the strategical deployment of soldiers inside cities and villages by the ruling party to shoot at sight order without any provocation shows security has been politicized meaning once you shoot to dead during the election exercise the decomposed body is waste for politics. A suppose military with the primary constitutional obligation to protect territorial boundaries against external aggression is sported seen in every meter poll making innocent peoples lives miserable.

TBP desk newsroom learnt, both APC and PDP are not giving a breathing space to each other, in any polling unit making up massive electorates in favour of opposition party may likely be attacked by political thugs indicating voters life are not guaranteed. On the other hand, PDP wants to use the exposure of Jubril Aminu Al Sudani from Sudan impersonating late Buhari, as a counter offence which going to be a tough battle for the APC ruling party to conceive defeat after foreseen the implications of their deceptive crime and international conspiracy committed against humanity. TBP learnt the ruling party vowed to fight till last man standing likewise, opposition PDP party to reciprocate with equal proportion attacks as planned by APC. When two elephants fight grasses suffer the most. PVC advocates clamouring to vote come 2019 election are the main targets that will surfer the bruise, now IPOB opens everyone eyes to the point all accepted that the person parading himself as the president of Nigeria was not the same person voted in by millions of Nigerians. T.Y Danjuma made it very clear that Buhari he knows is not the same person in Aso Rock, it seems that was not enough Senate President Bukala Saraki never bit his tongue when he said Atiku is a Nigerian and Nigeria needs a Nigerians president. Without anyone been told this forthcoming battle of titan shall swipe out souls during elections period only abstainers from the fraudulent do or die affairs electoral process shall be saved. A word they said is enough for the wise.

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