Biafra: I Had Never Believed In Biafra Even At The Height Of The Agitation In 2015, 16 & 17 Until A "source" Revealed Biafra WIth Its Capital Booming Economically Like That Of California To Me

By Malcolm Chuks
The Biafra Post | January 07, 2019

I have never believed in the idea of Biafra even at the height of the agitation in 2015,16,17. I am Igbo by tribe and from Anambra. From birth am not ordinary, however, just like most people mine is in a way as it relates to our maker. I learnt from early age not to follow crowd. I follow revelations and spoken message from my one and only true SOURCE. This source loves me, reveals the future to me and speaks to me.

During the time of the height of this agitation for Biafra, as an igbo I saw it as the right thing to do, if not for anything to serve as a pressure force to Nigerian government to be responsible. Later as I usually do with most things in my life, I sought the opinion of my one and only true SOURCE. I got one response, "forget Biafra for now". After awhile, I sought again and yet again got same response so I concluded Biafra isn't the will of God. I then henceforth was of the view it is better Nigeria, the less evil you know, than promised freedom in Biafra that I never met since I didn't meet the 3yrs old existed Biafra. I tried all I could to convince whoever talks about Biafra to desist that it is against the will of God.

But you know what, cutting the story short. Just few weeks ago I got shown a country, Anambra is like the capital of the country, for reason I don't know. This city was booming in economic activities, people were coming from far and near for its economic gains. Its economy is like that of California the 5th strongest economy in the world. I then was told this is the capital of the new country in Nigeria.

I couldn't believe what I was being shown. That then opened the flood gates of revelations.

Brethren, there will be BIAFRA soon. America and the rest of the world power will soon recognize the need for Biafra and support its restoration. "SOURCE" said in fact as we speak there's no more Nigeria in the realm of the spirit but there is LAND of Risen Sun. That henceforth it shall be called Land of Risen Sun (Not rising sun). That He will help to establish it. That IPOB leader Nnamdi (9 & 3, 12, 3) is his special son on a mission to actualize Biafra. That soon the current proponents of Nigeria will be so disenchanted that they will give up on the illusion (a scam sold to them). That the current effort on Biafra, is on 2nd phase, which is global awakening after successfully completed domestic/home awakening. That this phase won't be easy but with perseverance He will help to accomplish it.

So I encourage your team (IPOB) and Igbos everywhere in the world not to let up. God is behind this project. This country will be a model in Africa, just like Israel is a model in the middle East. This country will make black people proud. I see economic boom, inventions, exploits in human endeavours coming from this RISEN SUN. Things never thought possible for a black person will be achieved in that country. The country will be a blessing to Africa and the world at large. Everyone should make every effort in their various capacities diplomatically to bring about Biafra.

Those in UK and USA should use their contacts to reach out whoever has contact to White House, Kremlin. Setup 'GoFundMe' campaign to raise money to fund your activities especially on diplomatic front - for lobbying in various parliaments of the world, congress, Kremlin, Duma, in White House. Raise money to engage professional image maker that will help work on your (IPOB) image and use social media to spread the word about Biafra, their case for nationhood, their plight and awaken the world consciousness on Biafra, the price they have already paid for freedom. Or make it public  that Igbo professionals on this should contact IPOB to lend their professional support.

Most importantly, a specific day in every month should be picked, and call it a day of prayer. That Biafrans wherever they might be should pray for the restoration of Biafra. That all should pray for the success of Biafra project, pray for people undergoing prosecution/persecution as a result of standing for God given freedom in their land.  Pray for our leaders to make right decision and pray for God's continual blessing on all Biafrans worldwide. Announce it, make it a regular feature. It could be weekly or monthly prayer.

The Biafra project is the responsibility of every Igbo/Biafran and God is fully behind it.

My supreme father gave me the name
source (in small letters) - Malcolm Chuks


Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17


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