By Kelechi Okorie,
January 13,2019

Retrogressive nature of Nigeria proved she is at the brink of total collapse like USSR, the sickle flag lowered for the last time in 26th Dec 1991, making Mikhail Gorbachev steps down as a president of the Soviet Union. The almighty USSR was obliterated and her power drastically brought to an end. A Self-claim giant of Africa (Nigeria) is speedily heading to the same direction of then superpower; her show of force in a peaceful serene Biafraland leaving North East, the hotbed of terrorism indicates soldiers are running away from the battlefield against Boko Haram to safe heaven in Biafra soil. Nigeria government is yet to comprehend the meaning of New Year eve first broadcast of IPOB supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, where he convincingly said diplomatic offensive shall be employed in the year 2019. The phrase puts FG in a mood of jittery; to them it means rebellion, attacks and kidnapping of politicians. No! please consult your dictionary.

Nigeria government is so daft to make use of their reasoning faculty, by the way, what is diplomacy? Does a call for diplomatic offensive a call for war? Why does FG deploy the military in a war-free Biafra soil instead of Northern parts of Nigeria where life is not safe due to insecurity by terrorist groups? The answer to the above simple questions entails Nigeria is a disgraceful fail state. In its simple illustration, diplomacy is a subtle skill applied to settle hostility with applications of international relations or alliances bilaterally or multilaterally. As every nation has diplomats in various parts of the world, so shall Biafra nation, without war attach to it. For more directives, diplomatic offensive by IPOB leader is yielding positive fruits many countries of the world are complying by identifying with the new emergent nation in West Africa region. The federal government under APC in its usual manner can keep continuing killing, torture and kidnapping IPOB members while nations of the world are endorsing Biafra restoration.

The dice were thrown, foreign investors from Holy Land of Israel responded adequately to partner with Biafra nation in high tech economic initiative. This bilateral trade shall pave ways for employment both graduates and non-graduates, it also gives access to our Israeli brethren to intervene in West Africa unstable political and economic woes. Worrisome, low esteem minds were unable to ascertain the strategy of Nnamdi Kanu’s vision in restoring Biafra. Though some of them may not be blamed hence, anything one is ignorant of is higher than the person. At least if one cannot be positive for once quietness remains the best attitude than deceiving others with frivolous utterances against indigenous population working assiduously for their voice of freedom to be heard through direct popular vote by the people for a certain demand known as the referendum. On the other way round, criticisms make a good leader to be more focus and consistency to achieve desire dreams, honestly, IPOB is on a right track.

When the word referendum was first mentioned by Kanu, it was tagged and linked to war, the way diplomatic offensive was misunderstood by FG as if Nigeria is capable of fighting a war. A referendum is a diplomatic means of a request from the government, in some certain circumstances it has to do with a constitutional amendment, reform or cession whether temporary or permanent. Civilize nations around the world have justified IPOB is fighting a just cause so shall Nigeria at the due time to follow the timetable set before them. But if revolution the best option to restore Biafra, there is possibility Nigeria may end up fervently like USSR more especially when the proliferation of arms is applied. In a nutshell, revolution is two sharp edge swords; that is peace and war any of the two Biafra has nothing to lose. Furthermore, Revolution is a radical transformation of the social-political economy of a given society which might be peacefully or war. War might not be the best option for dissolution of Nigeria, but when diplomacy fails war becomes inevitable.

Confederating system, the same thing as restructuring today adopted by Dim Odumegwu Ojukwu was agreed at Aburi Accord in Ghana, after 24 hours then military Head of State Yakubu Gowon flaunted the memorandum of understanding which later resulted to Biafra genocide that claimed millions of lives. History may likely to repeat itself as myopic Nigeria government is linking diplomatic offensive and referendum as war while in the actual sense a call for diplomatic offensive and referendum are not calling for war. Those clamouring for a restructuring must know long before now it’s dead on arrival, it's impossibility not necessarily because northern parts of Nigeria will reject the system for its inherent shortcomings against the region rather, Nigeria as a whole does not have structure, and it was created on faulty foundation by Lugard, the colonial master. Building without structure can’t restructure besides, millions of Biafrans killed during the pogrom are their life going to restructure back to life or those infrastructures bombed to ashes be rehabilitated? That is why Nigeria can never move forward to compete with contemporary civilization for running away from the fact; total dissolution from the foundation is the only remedy to eradicate underdevelopment ravaging the so-called giant of Africa. Dissolution is not new many countries passed through the process today they are living peacefully and happily as neighbours USSR, today consists of 15 nations living peacefully, Nigeria must emulate from them for peace to reign staying together is not by force rather by choice.

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