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January 13, 2019

The first thing that comes to mind when or wherever the name "Nigeria" appears or comes out of the mouth[s] of the so-called Nigerians to their foreign friends and associates is a people known for her " fraud lifestyle, desperation, and massive corruption ". Yes and that is how it should be seen because a corrupt and wicked mind formed the government of Nigeria, a Nation founded and built on lies and deception from whatever she claims to involve herself with.

We take into consideration to analyze what the term constitution is all about from the dictionary. " Constitution simple put - a legal document describing such a formal system generated by the concept, thoughts and ideologies of a people who wish to be governed by such a legal document". Then it will be beneficial to state here in that Nigeria is a fraud arranged and put in place by the criminal military government which in exchange metamorphose into 1999 civilian rule without the concept, thoughts and ideologies of the sovereign ethnicities that defined the today Nigeria.

For record purpose, the Nigeria military junta from the time of Aguiyi Ironsi to Abudulsalami Abubakar of military handover to the civilian rule in 1999 to a former ex. Nigerian military man - Chief Olusegun Matthew Obasanjo was all military arrangement; Nigeria is a step away from sliding into authoritarian rule because of how rigid the constitution is making those in government demigods over the Nigerian masses. Every ex. Nigerian political rogues and elder statesmen operate a secret bank account of the Nigeria treasury stashed abroad. Nobody accounts for nobody. Nigeria is a country run by rogues and managed by rogues at the expense of the Nigerian poor masses.

With the ambiguous words used to decorate the fraudulent book, you would think that it was penned down by ordinary honest Nigerians without knowing that; the Nigerian military overnight decided to change her junta "decrees" to the people-oriented concept, thoughts and ideologies without their general consent seek after and thereof. From the whirlwind, a constitution came and people are jumping up and down that Nigeria is practising [demon 'n' craze] democracy.

First page of this fraudulent book laid emphasis on indissolubility and indivisibility of Nigeria and protecting her territorial integrity; the Nigeria political rogues and elder statesmen have failed to tell us what happened to Bakassi Peninsular seceded to the government of Cameroon without first seeking the consent of the indigenous people of Bakassi Peninsula before handing them and their lands over to another like slaves in chains and misery of life. When in line did the Indigenous people of Bakassi peninsula involved herself in a referendum conducted by the Nigerian government and Cameroon government that the people's fate was upon through that act of referendum?. In this case - the Indissolubility and indivisibility of Nigeria were raped in the naked and her human dignity violated. This simply sends a signal that the Nigerian government may wake up one day and start to sell any part of Nigeria she wishes as salves to other African [towns] Country.

In this same fraudulent book claims to be a secular state which is another school of thought we are going to address in the firmest modest way" secular state is a Nation-State, not religious edifices". Some scholars argued in their versatile knowledge that a secular state means "religious intolerance" no form of religion is adopted but that act alone remain a fact lie as the fraudulent book recognised Islam and the mention of it to which has also raped the constitution in the naked places. In a secular state that some parts of the dead lumps packed together by the British government is wholeheartedly adopted "Sharia Law" has made a mockery of Nigeria to stand.

Elections so far in Nigeria should be first be boycotted, the people must return back to their regions and adopt a new way of life that will reflect and represent their interest in any given union; all the ex. Military Presidents of Nigeria should be jailed; the reason for jailing them in a confinement is - they usurped and violated the human rights of the ordinary common Nigerian masses, the Nigeria military did not seek first, for the people of Nigeria general consent before they embarked on a junta dictatorship rule. What these band and set of criminals upheld seriously in their rigid constitution are "Treason and felony" when challenging them for your right to disassociate yourself from their government or being part of their convoluted federation. Nigeria must give way for a referendum and not an election; this remains the only viable means to salvage Nigeria from the menace of another bloody war because the people are saturated with Nigeria and agitation is on the increase for peaceful dissolvability and divisibility of Nigeria. The Nigerian people collectively are not animals to be confined with that fraudulent book rather the colonial instituted government handed over by the British government to her beloved slave boy - Hausa-Fulani- should allow Nigerians as free beings to decide for themselves and not the British government and the rogues that drafted the "junta decrees and "semi-junta 1999 constitution" to decide for themselves.

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