By Kelechi Okorie,
January 14, 2019

Many Nigerians have found the reasoning in Nnamdi Kanu’s assertion that their country is governed by proxy. Initially, it was very hard to believe the argument though; those cabals at the corridors of power know what IPOB leader said was nothing but the truth leaving them with no option than to initiate Operation Python Dance II to eliminate him by all possible means. Frankly speaking, I hate watching Nigeria News but since the exposure of the body double in Aso Rock, parading himself a president of Nigeria, I often managed to watch video clips of Buhari and alleged Jubril not to learn anything from him because he has nothing good to offer but for comparative analysis. Without equivocation, the different is very much clear to believe Kanu is indeed destroying Nigeria with the truth. I carefully watch Buhari’s first media chat on 30th Dec 2015, where he gave reasons the embattled leader won’t be released from prison, he said, Kanu came in Nigeria with two passports, British and Nigeria for that reason he committed a treasonable felony, a serious crime against the law. While watching the video clip I recalled very well Buhari hardly stays in Nigeria always on transit from one country to other at a time his fellow countrymen started complaining. Personally, I never show any interest on any Nigerian presidents because I don’t believe in Nigeria in all her dealings I prefer abstinence and apolitical but can follow their shenanigans and political rhetoric to enable me to have evidence to debunk the daily lies they use in manoeuvring gullible Nigerians.

Recently, I make out time to compared video clip of Buhari’s interview with Al Jazeera on Nigeria Economy anchored by Martine Dennis, where the female journalist brought out a video clip of IPOB members shot by Nigerian armed forces at National High School in Aba while praying, the lady was astonished how heartless a suppose president declined to watch a video of his citizens slaughtered by his foot soldiers, only that can make people of good conscience believed Nigeria president is evil. Though, I was not interested in his jargons my main concerned as I pointed earlier was to compare the past and present video clips. As many understand video does not lie regardless of film tricks. The assignment given by Nnamdi Kanu was very simple, since that day most Nigerians are complying promptly. I repeatedly followed 2019 budget presentation by alleged Jubril, where he was booed by distinguished serving senators for lying before them, the drama was interesting all the points raised against the impostor were fact and figure. Now no reasonable Nigerian can deny the fact that the person they voted into power is the same young man presented 2019 budget. Science and technology have gone so far to the extent many things are possible under the planet earth but still have other ones beyond human comprehension to effect change. Both the 30th Dec 2015 media chat and that of Al Jazeera, I intensively watched Buhari’s left ear, the lobule was cut maybe due to trauma, also the impersonator is younger than the real Buhari.

What drives me to succumb immensely on the exposition of the great leader was he made it very cleared that from now henceforth the impostor won’t attend public events with other heads of states around the world or risk being jail for impersonation. I vividly acknowledged how real Buhari frequently jets out of the country time without number, now to attend public functions with other heads of states is something else directly shooting himself on the legs by vindicating Kanu’s exposition.

All these were happening long before now but Nigerians are afraid to speak up till it was unveiled, without it the former head of state Olusegun Obasanjo may not have mocked the ruling APC party that Buhari has develops a phobia, during Goodluck Jonathan’s Book launching title my “Transition Hour”. Nigeria president is under siege for fear of reprisal, he declined to feature on a live interview and choose a record session is uncalled for and laughable he may not know his records are taken by world leaders for his miscreant. It is no longer arguable anywhere anymore that Buhari's palm principle lines in 2015 are the same with the one occupies Nigeria seat of power. Few among many body structures that can’t undergo surgery are implicating the impostor making the party to adopt a sign with their finger closing the palm principle lines. Without any shred of doubt some might still contemplate how possible Nigeria rules by a body double, the same scenario happened in Russia 1940s when Joseph Stalin was impersonated by Felix Dadaev, a former dancer and juggler. The arrangements were sealed even the Stalin's closet comrades couldn’t spot the impostor because he perfectly mimicry Stalin's movement and intonation. Nnamdi Kanu might be right that Nigeria president is dead and replaces by body double if otherwise, FG should prove him wrong with convincing evidence beyond a reasonable doubt without that every Nigerian must bury their faces in shame for allowing a foreign national far away Sudan to rule unofficial colonialism in this modern age.

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