Written by Malcolm Chuks
Published byThe Biafra Post | 15 January, 2019

In the spirit there is no Nigeria (that's why no matter what's done about Nigeria ever works; it's like pouring water into a drain. You don't work or fix what doesn't exist. It is a SCAM - many might still die before they realize. However, there is Land of RISEN SUN, Biafra - partly hope of mankind, human race. The enemy will try everything as during the birth of Jesus but will ultimately fail. A child is born, a nation is born and it's Sun, RISEN.

I saw it and am here to testify about it. In their attempt to stop the RISEN SUN, they tried to kill all her children, starved many of her kids to death; we wept, we wailed as Rachel did (as they were killing her kids). They did all these, even divided us by states and zones, thinking we are dead, so as to nail the coffin. How myopic, they forgot we don't belong in the coffins, we belong High Above. We are Risen Sun and nothing on the face of this planet can cover or stop it, not even super powers of this world.

To these super powers, they either be on the side of freedom and shine with the RISEN SUN or they will all soon go into oblivion. Mark my words. I repeat, To these super powers, they either be on the side of God given freedom and shine with the RISEN SUN or they will all soon go into oblivion just as their likes of old.

So make no mistake, there is no Nigeria. It's a SCAM which it's format was written in London. Therefore expect nothing good from Nigeria. So many might still die before many realize. Pray that you or your relatives won't be her next victim. Also pray that many will realize that this is a SCAM and do away with it amicably so as to save this generation and generations unborn misery.

The past and current leaders of this SCAM knew, the reason their only interest is to milk it for what it can offer and had no interest in developing it to be like other places where they secretly obtain citizenship and frequently go to access proper health care, quality education and other good stuffs for themselves, family and kids.

My people run for safety. Let it not be to you like in the days of Babylon when they were told Babylon is no more but many didn't hear the warning and got themselves to blame in the nick of time.

If you are a child of God I urge you to pray and findout what God tells you about Nigeria. I assure you that you will get no answer and if you are dearly loved by God, you will simply be informed that there is no Nigeria. I guess many of you don't know why TB Joshua is planning on moving his base out of Nigeria.

Nigeria is a SCAM from the pit of hell fire. This SCAM has gone on for over 50 years and cost millions of lives and talents. If you know me you will know that by nature I am cup-half-full kind of person and by God's commission sent to proclaim good news, however I can't help it this time with the message I have today. This is based on revelation and before now I use to champion one Nigeria. I use to be a die hard Nigerian that most times I refuse to be identified by tribe. Nigerians are of the habit of asking which region you are from after telling them you are a Nigerian. I always insist am simply Nigerian, asking that they should respect that. I don't do tribe or region to tell you how I used to hold dear Nigeria but since after this revelation, things will never be the same again. I can confidently tell you, putting my hand on my chest that there is no Nigeria but a SCAM.

All of you that still believe in Nigeria I hope you will get this message today and believe. I also pray that God will reveal to you the facts about Nigeria as He did to me.

To you that is already in the know, it's never too late to start laying foundation for your own nations.

Am glad that Southern region - Biafra from where I come from have been on this path for sometime and that God revealed to me, that it is fully behind their effort.

I thank you all


Editor/Editor: Chinwe Korie
Twitter: @ckorie17



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