Biafran  soldiers Guarding University of Biafra (1967-70) Biafra vs Nigeria War 

By Kelechi Okorie,
January 28,2019

No two ways about it, I totally concur the assertion without Biafra restoration Africa is doom for life, since the international conspiracy against Biafra and her obliteration from world map the continent has not to make any progress, it might sound strange for some people to believe the fact, But without any equivocation Africa is drastically going down historically in every ramification. It doesn’t matter how it sounds man is the architect of his misfortune even the colonialism that many see as the major cause of Africa’s underdevelopment, was spearheaded by humans with skin. Early human evolution passes through many processes likewise Africa continent has theirs, the scenario is not an excuse to blame Europe for their backwardness in science and technology that is leading in a competitive global economy. Exceptional of Africa, other continents intensively study climate change and follow it squally to suit their regions. Africa leaders only attend global climate change summit without anything to show for making the third world countries underdeveloped continent and European dust bin for fake and adulterated commodities due to dependency on other continents for survival.

The shambolic abolition of colonialism seems to be fair than the worst imperialistic internal subjugation ravaging Africa to depend on natural liquid endowments instead of human development, creativity and usage of brain imaginative into reality. Abject poverty in West Africa sub region makes a greater percentage of people live below one dollar a day as per capita income this alone corner people live less jungle life in that socio milieu. So ridiculous none of these Africa counties aspire to be great like other first world countries rather comfortably relying on foreign succour. Inability to make use of inheriting human development instinct reduces Africa race so low and her inferiority complex gives whites an edge to have upper hands in philosophy and innovation. In Africans state of mind is too inferior to withstand a test of tropical challenges; the government itself is not helping matter always in support of Western exploitation through internal colonialism against the interest of their citizens. This horrendous system leads a mass exodus of black Africans to illegally migrate to Europe for greener pasture, the selfish government prefers adding more salt on masses wounds by inflicting more pains on already injury experiencing, in most cases using religion to cover up. According to Karl Max “religion is the opium of the people” but not to the extent of using it to wreak havoc or punish others with the contrary view. Religious perspective in Africa continent is very intense that religious bigots can no longer apply logical reasoning to solve national questions only depend on supreme being in everything even things that deserve to be done by human manpower.

Africa might be naturally blessed but the thinking faculty to extract the resources and convert it to finishing goods without expatriates becomes an impediment, Nigeria in particular vows to be mentally dependent and consumer than allow Biafrans capable of innovation to boost up the continent, rather silencing the indigenous population for fear of divesting knowledge and socialization to the next generation. This could be the major reason Ahmedu Bello, then Premier of Northern Nigeria quoted to have said on a live interview he rather give the contract to expatriates than Biafrans believing they always lead in any place they found themselves. Ahmedu Bello was also held the title of the Sardauna of Sokoto, his envy, hatred against Biafran was inculcated to all Northern Nigerians yet, they are incapable of making any change, and this has directly affected the so called giant of Africa negatively to design any research in any kind, only contributes immensely on the backwardness of the periphery.

There is sense to believe the availability of human resources in Africa but the scarcity of human development resulting in the high rate of poverty index. Specifically, Nigeria government is destiny destroyer several attempts were made by Biafrans to savage the forsaken dependable region with innovation that could have brought light shining for all and sundry, politics of hatred learned from their forefather Ahmedu Bello keeps making them insecure seeing Biafrans changing its environment with science and technology. The permanent shutdown of Chemical Engineering Department of University of Biafra, Nsuka, after the civil war, is evidence that Nigeria is a reminder of black race stupidity. High profile research and developmental inventions within the period of war help Biafra to single-handedly withstand the three years heat irrespective of combining international conspiracy against Biafra. This think tank team was led by Prof. Gordian Ezekiel, who was referred to as Biafra Research and Production Unit BRP, the whole world was shocked the sophisticated arsenals manufactured locally with scientifically developed rockets, bombs, telecommunication model used for operating the modular crude oil refineries, so far Nigeria in all her entire life can never be scientifically inclined to make such exceptional designs.

Pathetic, Africa is folding her arms watching primitive Fulani crude vandals setting the entire continent backwards, Biafra is in position to restore life back to Africa continent with inherit divesting knowledge that can’t wither away irrespective of circumstances. The prospect industrial revolution attempt by Dr Ezekiel Izuogu’s first Africa indigenous car manufacturer was destroyed in 1997 by Sani Abacha, then Military Head of State. The car was described by BBC as the African dream machine’ as 90% of its parts were sourced locally, this innovation would have taken the world by storm and become the cheapest most affordable car on earth but Nigeria government killed the dream confiscated various machines and tools including the design history books that took more than ten years. This continental disaster militates against the competitive economic system and a free flow of transaction, human mobilization and ecosystem that ought to have to join Africa continent as a unit directly encourages peaceful coexistence of forces within the periphery. Is it not why Ibeto Cement and Innoson Motors are facing challenges in the hand of Nigeria myopic conqueror space? Biafra is the light wear of Africa continent to face other first world counties in the competitive global socio-political economy.

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