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Editorial Remark by Biafra Reporters
December 15, 2018

The incarceration of the fifty-two Biafra Jewish Faithfuls in Afra Prisons Umuahia Biafra Province - on a prayer procession and march within the aforementioned area was halted-, by the Nigerian Police Force and in connivance with the Abia State government under the tyrant-ship of Okezie Ikpeazu - the Obioma Ngwa born. This repulsive, disgraceful acts and its exhibition should be condemned by humanity at large.

Is Nigerian government merely and openly fighting religious war against the Biafra Jewish Faithfuls because according to the document made available at the Biafra Post disposal the Nigerian Court and her sister department - the Nigerian Police Force said that the Nigerian government sole concern of trailing, intercepted and finally locked up these people is because they found in them Biafra insignia and other Biafra materials.

Nigeria has finally drifted to be classified as an animal kingdom; the Nigerian government levied these Biafran Jewish Faithfuls with treason and terrorism trump-up charges whereas self-determinism is never a treasonable offence elsewhere in the universe except in a backward Nigeria state. Terrorists without any terrorism tendencies that would have served as a key point to scuffled and disrupted people from praying and later on got them locked up for no genuine reasons.

Boko Haram is in the far North with deadly arsenals at their chains of command fighting a religious war against the government of Nigeria for killing their leader thereby stopping them from having a peaceful Islamic State. Boko Haram was peaceful in carrying out their set objectives of carving out an Islamic State from the core North until the high headedness of the Nigerian government decided to poke nose into their affairs, the Nigerian government instead of engaging them in a diplomatic discussion rather decided to call for the first shot and turning the peaceful Boko Haram into a beast of no Nation for all living in the North.

Twelve states in Northern Nigeria are busy practising Sharia law which is a branch of Islamic and Islamists doctrine in a whitewash circular state with what the political class calls constitution, the truth is that geographical areas alone do not define a people like Nigeria is being described using a geographical term, value system rather define a people and their state of affairs pertaining to alignment of a social state. The Biafran Jewish Faithfuls knew that their interest would be protected more in a separate Nation other than Nigeria, their human dignity will be valued more hence a call for a peaceful march was urgently needed.

The black market order which outlawed and proscribed the Indigenous People of Biafra in Nigeria and not elsewhere was purchased by the Nigerian government in the chamber's of a wanton in character, dishonourable [In]Justice Abdul Kafarati of the "Abuja Federal High Court" is the backbone to which the Nigerian government is relying upon while dehumanizing and violating Biafrans rights in a unity that was forced on them at gunpoint. A supposed Justice - Abdul Kafarati cannot interpret to the Executive organ of Nigerian government where this people's right for agitation is enmeshed in, in the United Nations Charter and African Union Charter rather he acted for his flair for anything evil hence the Nigerian government can grease his bank account.

This dishonorable Judge in his Kangaroo Courtroom sentenced the Ogoni nine which Mr Ken Saro Wiwa an Ogoni born, an essayist and environmentalist was fighting for the liberation of his people's land from oil spillage that resulted from oil exploration was killed and now the zoo called Nigeria is busy spending millions of taxpayers money attending world conferences on ways to militate against environmental hazards and other forms of health impairment.

In effect, what is the crime of the very young disabled Biafran Jewish Faithful that was incarcerated for solely practising his faith in his home country?. The gang up against the Indigenous People of Biafra by the Nigerian government should be put to a stop with immediate effect as the call for referendum has become expedient by the constituents parts of Nigeria; the call for the peaceful dissolution of Nigeria through plebiscite should be a gospel in the lips of all Nigerians so as to avert this looming war that will befall Nigeria if this unnecessary harassment continues. The 52Biafran Jewish Faithfuls should be set free in the coming days.

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