By Odirachinma Nwawube Ezeobi TBP
December 15, 2018

(Students Nonviolent coordinating committee in Martin Luther King Jnr civil right movement in America, A case study)

It has become totally necessary that an intellectual outreach is made towards educating Biafrans students on the need for a proactive direct none confrontational actions towards a free Biafra nation.
The Biafra revolution without an intellectual engine room like the aluta spirited students is a very difficult task.
There is a need for the Biafran students to rise up and join forces together to restore Biafra because the restoration of Biafra is more beneficial to the students who are at the receiving end of the decayed and well quagmire structure of Nigeria.

During the dark years in America, where the black Americans were seen as less-humans, the black American students stood side by side with Martin LKingr king Jnr and surprisingly they invoked direct actions that shake Martin Luther himself, they were very instrumental to the success of the American civil right movement.

In November 1960, several students under the Students nonviolent coordinating committee (SNCC) purchased bus tickets and went into the segregated white waiting rooms and tried to obtain services from a "no negroes" lunch counters, for this effort, they were rounded up, thrown into jails and fined.

They didn't stop, in December 1960 SNCC coordinated students embarked on freedom ride against the new rule in Atlanta and Albany. Upon arrival, they were all arrested by Albany police chief Laurie Pritchett for blocking traffic.
But unlike the first group of students that were arrested and fined, these group of students refused bail and stayed incarcerated
The next morning more than 250 students marched on city hall in protest and all were also arrested.
As the first of the trials began, hundreds more protesters (students) marched downtown and were also arrested
By December 14, 1960, more than 470 people(mostly students) filled the jails in Albany and surrounding rural communities.

It is also imperative to remind Biafran students that on Oct 19 1961, American students embarked on one of the most successful direct nonviolent actions in the history of black America. The black American students embarked in "sit-ins" and "Pickering's" at most of downtown Atlanta big stores. They were arrested in their numbers because they refused to leave the lunch counter without receiving service.

The success of Martin Luther's civil right movement in America cannot be mentioned without the radical efforts of students throughout America
Biafran students all over the world must rise up today and join the voice of Biafran students(VOBS) in order to carry the cross of the freedom struggle...
Freedom is never given but taken by the determined and ever consistent individuals.
The Intellectual strength of any revolution rests solely on the involvement of the students.
Like the black students in America, let the Biafran students rise up and know that the struggle is not for Nnamdi KANU and IPOB alone but most important to the younger generation.
Freedom is like life and cannot be given in instalment

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