Written By Chinenye Ogbodo - TBP
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November 19, 2018

If the so-called Nigerians really want to do things the right way the time is now. For Nigeria, the time is ripe, for there's no better time than now, now is the right time to let Biafrans determine their fate if to remain in Nigeria or not.
Often the word Referendum" is being belittled in a negative way as this always pops up from individuals including literates/illiterates due to not having the right knowledge of what Referendum depicts.

They misunderstood/misinterprets the concept of a referendum. Referendum is not a call for war rather it's a choice of expression through a direct process (Vote), of accepting or rejecting the proposal for a motion of a particular event to be observed; it can be said that the Indigenous People of Biafra needs to observe if Biafra can be an independent Nation through the referenda process. The term referendum shouldn't always scare away the Nigerian government because it's legal and an eligibility act elsewhere.

Biafrans are not the initiator of the word "referendum" its existence is dated far back years and still on stability. To put the record straight countries like Switzerland, Italy, Sweden and self-acclaimed great Britain are all signatory to the act of referendum and are still conducting a referendum on their political seats till date. Britain the initiator and facilitator of the contraption Nigeria practices and eat from a referendum, an instant is between the year 1973 and 1997 Britain conducted four (4) different referendums on matters that are of Paramount importance to them.

Why can't the British baby (Nigeria) emulate the footprints and stipulate a date to conduct a referendum for Biafra so as to avert doomsday?
On this note, I wish to list out the high rational for the daily demand on the choice for referendum to take effect for the peaceful restoration of a sovereign Biafra state; it is most regrettable that the British baby - the Nigerian government has hardened their heart for the people in a general context to decide their plights on a peaceful quest called referendum rather they are coming up with election for the replacement of a dictator and enthroning a religious bigot into power.

One of the core and essential reason for the global quest for the restoration of Biafra as an independent Nation is ranging from its discovery of their real identity robbed of them by the British colonial masters, a people stripped naked in all ramifications including their names and God. Biafrans waking up to the realization that they are the lost tribe of Israel have accepted to fight on in order to restore their lost glory and return back to their Biafra land in all the places they are being scattered to and worship the only living God.

Referendum gives a clear answer to a question: it's years and still counting since the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB) began its request for a referendum date to determine if willingly the Indigenous People of Biafra are determined for an independent Nation or nit yet no dialogue or negotiations seems to benefit by the cruel Nigerian government; this referendum quest was shunned by the Nigerian government when she engaged her heavily military invasion in the hometown of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in Afara-Ukwu Ibeku in Umuahia; this deadly invasion by the Nigerian government took the lives of able-bodied men and women of twenty-eight (28) in numbers, just in a bid to silence and terminate the life of Nnamdi Kanu but he stood strong against odds.

Here lies the big question, why do Biafrans needs Referendum?. We are over due for independence, we need a referendum to decimate from the written agreement without our collective consents on the creation of Nigeria which was designated to last for hundred years, Nigeria expiration is over due just as we are over due for independence. Nigeria expired on the 31st day of December 2014. We are under the siege of this damnable country through the colonial tool of amalgamation.

The list is uncountable, we as a people have chosen freedom over marginalization, subjugation, malign, hate, genocide, bad governance and all sorts of inhuman treatments ranging from a poor educational standard which status quo has been reduced to nothing. No functioning seaports to enable our merchants in smooth business transactions, no edifice airports in different cities in Biafra land.

Countless years of no political entrenchment of Biafrans in the Nigeria affairs, It has become a befitting paradise for all northern cabals and her criminal British allies. Lack of infrastructures explicitly on no electricity for the day to day running of activities.
No good functioning companies to eliminate the high rate of unemployment in Biafra land. Unemployment has become the other of the day.

Graduates roam the streets on daily basis after the struggle to see through academic pursuit but are now meant to fight for survival for ends meet. Majority of them today who dreamt of becoming an ambassador of peace are now potential wheelbarrow pushers and tricyclists.

No good water, using Ogoni land as a case study, a land that had been polluted over thousands of years due to oil spillage and the evil British and Nigerian government are beneficiary to the natural resources of the community they have plundered into uselessness, their water is contaminated yet the government has failed to capitalize on how best to give them clean water as a source of livelihood.

The referendum shouldn't be a problem at this crucial time in Nigeria affairs, it should be given a warm embrace to by all Nigerians; referendum puts the onus on the voter in a paramount position of a YES or NO choice.
Biafrans should be given the opportunity to cast their vote on a referendum as their inalienable rights.
Nigeria is a killer of dreams and dissent voices, End it now.

Edited By: Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi
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