By Kelechi Okorie,
November 18, 2018

Nothing is hidden under the sun, if the wind did not reveal it then the rain or the earth brings it up. Without IPOB and media, Nigerians could not have believed their president never attended the Paris Peace Summit in France, contrary from the pictures circulated online by the presidency. It is a tip of iceberg compare with what had been happening over the years of the creation of a fraudulent country called Nigeria by toothless bulldogs as colonial masters. If IPOB intelligent unit did not checkmate the deception of Nigerians self-claimed political thoughts the usual shenanigans could have long swallow without a trace, not necessarily because they are not aware of the game plan but corruption, abnormality takes charge of government affairs as norm, ideology and culture that is not salvageable.

The two days Paris Peace Summit exposes Nigeria’s lying machinery, the Summit was spectacular as World leaders attended the ceremony in remembrance of World War victims. Leaders were seen on live videos making speeches in commemoration of millions that lost their lives during the war. Disgracefully, poor designed Photoshop by the presidency in order to scuttle dead brain Nigerians as they always do, that their president was present at the Summit was thwarted by IPOB intelligent unit, all plans become inconsequential, null and void. Had it been Nigerians are not helpless they ought to have demand where their president attends his own Summit. Perhaps, Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity poor manufactured hatchet job finally vindicates IPOB claimed that Buhari absent at the Summit was to coronate impostor’s ear/hair medical surgery to correct severe mistakes of unmatched plastic surgery of late Buhari. It’s worrisome, all the deceptive expositions by presidency backfired against how it was planned, it makes all and sundry especially Biafrans to question if Nigerian government has a separate podium with different design background as showed by Femi Adesina. Probably, Nigeria president boycotted the Summit due to his guilty of war crime melted against Biafra like his mentor Adolf Hitler. In continuation, the Summit kicks off on 11th -13th Nov, the two-day ceremony was well organized that all the heads of states were on official guests list as published but the name of Nigeria president was not seen on the list to prove Buhari’s cabals are the bunch of criminals.

Investigation reviews, photos uploaded by these unscrupulous elements were actually Paris Climate Change Summit held in 2015 when the late Buhari was alive. Meanwhile, under APC regime stage manage Photoshop by presidency becomes common, pictures where world leaders capture live with their eyes raise up to the sky but the inserted Nigeria head of state was watching straight making the Photoshop very poor to convince well expose intelligent Biafrans. This international embracement could have been aborted should the Nigerian government voluntarily observed silent but forcing herself feel among the world politics when not necessary hence, not all heads of states attend the historical event. Indirectly, Nigeria Senate President Bukola Saraki was also vindicated, he was quoted to have said “Atiku is a Nigerian and they need a Nigerian president”, and the question is who the Nigeria president is? His statement simply means a foreign impostor installs as replacement of real Buhari. Unfortunately, her politicians neither bold to sue Nigeria government for impersonation nor demand why their president was absent at Summit rather, prefer playing politics against the collective interest of Nigerians.

Reliable information from IPOB news desk has it, dress code (Suit) was among the impediments that constrained replicate Buhari to attend the meeting seems hat/cap was not included. To avoid Nnamdi Kanu accusation that the person in Aso Rock, parading himself as Nigeria president is an arranged impostor without bare head unlike late Buhari, saw rocking black suit then. It goes further than the world is at red alert to know the truth, detecting machines were stationed in all entrance doors to determines who is who on the other hand, ascertain IPOB revelation. Nigeria knew the outcome should they mistakenly participate in the Summit, another urgent stage manage conference was organized with the stringent strict usage of devices, mobile phones were banned from coverage failure to adhered the order were dealt immensely and sent out of the event. All heads of states had long gone back to their various home nations; some even expressed her country’s stand on the commemoration of victims via Twitter. The simple question still remains who is Nigeria president, late Buhari or foreign clone puppet?

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