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By Anyi kings TBP
September 3,2018

They called him and pleaded he talks to his supporters to relapse on IPOB pursuit; he brought out his phone and showed them a picture of the crowd in one of the IPOB rallies saying:
"These are the people that sent me. I didn't send myself. If you leaders genuinely love this land and her people, you will not call these people my supporters but our supporters.
They are pursuing the most sacred cause in life. That is freedom!
You don't kill people who are begging for breath and life. It is sacrilegious but you have done such.
Biafrans want freedom which is life".

And and after the meeting they organized another meeting and call a press conference and openly proscribed IPOB: Yes it is on record they did proscribe IPOB the same people that ought to be their supporters that are begging for breathing and freedom that has no record of harming anybody or record of any violent act anywhere around the world . They did not stop there they went further and conspired with our enemies the Fulani led APC jihadist governments to brought operation python dance to the house of our leader who was at that time enjoying his bail after over two years of unlawful incarceration in Kuje prison and ordered for a shoot at sight to anything that moves and anything that doesn't move . hundreds of Biafrans were massacred including a dog called Jack, their crime was simply they happen to have unfortunately paid a solidarity visit to their leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu that very day. Until now our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents His Royal Majesty Israel .O. Kanu and his lovely wife Nne Oha LoLo Ugoeze Israel O Kanu whereabouts still unknown.

And our questions to Ohaneze Ndigbo southeastern governors and Nigeria Army remain where is our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and his parents?
#OurStoryOurAgony .#Saboteurs !!!
I Anyi Kings i repeat, may God almighty bless and protect Nnamdi Kanu,

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