By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
September 03, 2018

The British government is the god of Nigeria and Hausa-Fulani remains the British government products from they created is known as Nigeria; our news correspondent in the UK has gotten a secret file which serves as a leak why the British government decided to place a high priority on Hausa-Fulani ethnic group against all other indigenous components that make-up the Nigeria settings. It is in the British government interest that the Hausa-Fulanis should be made their working tool or best known as stooges.

British government in a nutshell, never wish to grant independence to Nigeria rather what they did was to hand over anything power tussle to the core North for their belief in radical Islamic orientation; one would not understand the game plans as it seems that Britain claims to be a Christian country but all over the world supporting and equipping radical Islamic groups for their own selfish interest. It is always in the British government interest to create an unrest state of supporting a radical Islamic group over the Christian dominated groups.

What is happening in Nigeria serves as a case study for one to peruse on and get first-hand information devoid of manipulation; what is the Biafra oil proceeds doing in the coffers of the British government treasury?. Who is the British government banking the proceeds for in their treasury?. Why is it that the Indigenous people of Biafra and other parts of Nigeria are underdeveloped and our oil monies are being stashed in the British government treasury?.

You may think that the British government love your one Nigeria as they always go around promoting their creation - Nigeria- with other stakeholders and world powers in an economic summit or conference they are to meet in order to discuss the way forward towards liberating and recolonizing Africa; British government will always promote their creation Nigeria to be giant of Africa in terms of landmark while poverty, killings, and underdevelopment has ravished the Nigerian people and the British government is wallowing in wealth of the peoples resources they lumped and subjugated to be ruled over by their products - The Hausa-Fulanis.

Are you in a doubtful mindset to know that from the Biafra oil wells do British government till date pay their pensioners remunerations to all the people that served under the British government working class; retired and active in services?. The game plan is this, with the British government stooges [Hausa-Fulanis] in power, British government will illegally continue to explore and exploit the mineral resources in Biafra to their favor and left the remaining of their loots for the Hausa-Fulanis to also take my force through their Nigerian government policies effectively detailed by the British government.

In Nigeria as the case may be that produces the oil in mass finds it wittingly unable to settle their own workers and pensioners that served under the Nigerian government workforce, isn't it shameful that in this modernity that the ravenous British government exhibit this their traits of open stealing with policies that favors their criminality acts.
It has now become a known fact as this column will establish a mind-blogging expository for the public to dig into this matter as to bring to book who is the criminal exploiting the Indigenous People of Biafra through their Hausa-Fulani products. Because of what the British government is secretly gaining from their booties do they make sure that Nigeria never disintegrated?

Nigeria was carefully designed by the British government to always append her exploitative tentacles tenaciously into the Biafra oil using the name Nigeria as a front for this, British government believes that holistically if Nigeria remains as created they would be able to continue to sink the economy of the Biafra people from rising to the betterment of her British and Hausa-Fulani people, check for example the Ogoni oil spill and other hazardous substances that has polluted the Biafra oil regions and who is being charge nor fine for it till date - Nobody.

This column wishes to bring to the attention of major world stakeholders in government to sanction the British government for her involvement in the exploitation of Nigeria economic and natural resources through a proxy government under the stool of the Sokoto Caliphate; the world should charge the British government to clean herself of all the atrocities going on in Nigeria by declaring their support for Biafra referendum through the option A4 model.

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