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By Kelechi Okorie,


Inherently unstable nature of chameleon always remains undoubting, Ohaneze Ndigbo’s inconsistency showed to be one that cannot rely on, I patiently waited to see if this unstable political Igbo social-cultural group will retrace her movement before pinpointing their insensitivity. The order from IPOB apex body signed by both Deputy Leader and DOS, on verbal ceasefire attacks against Ohaneze Ndi Ara, to me, was nothing but the love we have for Biafra and loyalty, respect for IPOB not because of those Efulefu Igbo social criminals working for the almajiri president. At a time it was difficult to adjust, ordinary verbal expression of feelings when it is severe to all and sundry to see incessant gruesome mass slaughtering of indigenous population spearheaded by a few groups of individuals. Though Biafrans obeyed the order their lip was shut, pen ceases at them perhaps, definitely, Biafrans still harbor the genocidal atrocities committed against our people at heart, a day of betrayal by South East politicians, Ohaneze Ndigbo and Bishop Chukwuma sold our collective freedom in exchange of crumb from Fulani caliphate. September 14th, 2017, was an inevitable sad memory that revolves one’s mind, the picture always hard to erase as a witness from first peaceful protest to operation Python Dance II that led sudden disappearance of Nnamdi Kanu, the supreme leader of IPOB, his whereabouts remain skeptic with that of his parents yet, order was issued never to say a word against the perpetrators to give them chance to rethink their bastardized ineptitude against their own people.

Should IPOB contravenes the ceasefire order, this Hausa Fulani stooge house slave ought to have descended on us for not given dialogue a chance to prevail. After taking the risk, the cats ran to its masters for nurture while Biafrans keep leaking their wounds, blames might not be on anyone for the insult received from Ohaneze Ndi Iberibe, asking Biafrans to obtain PVC on the already rigged 2019 election even when majority voluntarily disenfranchise self from the fraudulent exercise. Once again IPOB women were been shot to death in Owerri province while sensitized general public the need to adhere the call for Biafra referendum, Hardly small devil changes to angel overnight instead grows to the level of his masters from Northern caliphate, this was somehow overlooked at initial stage through the scenario was well understood, ceasefire is applicable in every war theatre despite the circumstance but mentally slave Igbo group felt to ascertained it only interested in pot of silver and order from far North Emir and Sultan making it difficult to assimilate collective aspiration of indigenous people of Biafra easily.

I can beat my chest; all these insubordinate from Igbo extraction were carefully chosen and formed by Fulani oligarchy with intention of indirectly penetrate Ala Igbo, for being the major tribe threatens coexistence of mere geographical entity called Nigeria. Only in that bondage manage by uncivilized illiterate linage sees a call for referendum as a crime, the demented bunch of Bunco’s in red cap find it difficult to speak out probably psychopathic ranting press statement might be on the way for our women that were shot to death once they get it hard verbally from IPOB hence, it is difficult for them publicly de-proscribed the whole indigenous population as terrorist. Greedy and envy impedes them to demand IPOB leader’s whereabouts after Nigeria military Python Dance II living scores dead now III edition of Python Dance is warming up for another round of bloodshed. Can Igbo politicians deny having knowledge of the plan? If the verbal expression can pinch Ohaenze Ndi Iberibe and its partner in crime how much more the victims of state-managed executive terror unleash on Biafrans? It is very clear, that those that claim be representatives of her people are incapable of protecting people within their jurisdictions.

Amidst IPOB incessant killings, intimidation and illegal detentions, political jobbers from Igbo extraction championed restructure instead of acknowledging those killed fighting for total liberation other than fraudulent one Nigeria. It sounds stupid one to contemplate somehow someday IPOB will back down in their quest for absolute emancipation from Fulani captivity. The struggle has gone beyond Rubicon it is either Biafra or Biafra, all the indigenous population are pregnant with a common ideology that cannot be defeated with guns and bullets neither are they deterred nor having a second thought to bow.

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