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August 20, 2018

One of the numerous decomposed bodies of IPOB activists killed and dump in the forest in Ukwa West, Abia State by Nigerian army
The sacrosanct nature of human rights remains unquestionably pure and any sane community must strive to maintain this very rights. Protection of human right remains the only evidence of a sane community without which any society can never lay claim to civilization.

On 14th September 2017, the Nigerian army invaded the country home of the leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in the guise of Operation Python Dance and massacred many young supporters even as they kidnapped Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. Condemnation trailed the ruthless massacre of armless civilians in a peaceful zone, and the numbers of those killed keep rising by this new discoveries.

The world was aware of the massacre of IPOB activists in Afara Ukwu but not those hijacked by the Nigerian Army on their way to Afara Ukwu. Two weeks ago, many more bones of decomposed IPOB missing activists were discovered in a forest in Ukwa West, Abia State.

These skeletons were confirmed to be the "leftover" of young harmless men and women on their way to Nnamdi Kanu's hometown on 14th September 2017.
This violation of human rights of the worst order is happening under the watchful eyes of President Muhammad Buhari, aided by Ohaneze Ndigbo leaders and some unscrupulous self acclaimed Igbo leaders; the international community as well cannot claim ignorant of this systematic genocide ongoing against the Biafran populace forced to live in Nigeria.

In the bid to mock the dead Biafran agitators by massacring more youths in the ever peaceful Igboland, Nigerian military have declared Operation Python Dance 3. This is coming days after the discovery of more skeletons of IPOB activists massacred in secrets and left to the vultures to devour in the forests of Ukwa West, Abia State.

In the face of all these humiliation and massacre of a nation, the world remained criminally silent. We keep on petitioning international communities to break the ice in Nigeria by placing sanctions on the Nigeria state, and to support Biafra referendum to protect human sanctity.

The rape on humanity is bold against Biafrans today but may turn against another people tomorrow. And if the world and international community keep silent further, insanity may soon take over other sane communities of the world.

Biafrans don't need Operation Python Dance 3 because the exercise is meant to continue the massacre of innocent civilians both in secret and in broad daylight.

What we need is freedom from an oppressive society that had held us against our will for decades. Self-determination is a sacrosanct right of any nation and Nigeria is signatory to the article of self determination.

The need to free Biafra from the shackles of slavery in Nigeria should not be over emphasized, for according to Nelson Mandela (Madiba), "A time comes in the life of a people that there is only two option left for them; fight or submit".

Biafrans are not ready to submit rather we are eager to fight with our last drop of blood.

Nigeria should pray something better like referendum happens quicker because Biafrans may soon be forced to pick other strategy as an article of faith.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie

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