By Kelechi Okorie,
June 25,2018

Buhari’s impossible assertion to make Nigeria the most beautiful place in Africa sounds stupid while receiving the Grand Khalifa of Tijjaniya, Sheikh Ahmed Tijjani Ibrahim Inyass, on Wednesday 20th June. Since he was rigged into power through the aide of his personal train terrorist Boko Haram jihadists, he finally bolsters state of nature to complete where Adolf Hitler stopped. He deceived the world to believe he was a change tyranny not knowing his inherent dictatorship tendency cannot be wash away till eternity, his civil-military system bastardizes requite components of democracy, rule of law is a stab and throw to the bin with the replacement of military decree taken charge. Despite all these, Gestapo dictator is jumping around to make the already anarchy system a beautiful place, No! Somalia will be a paradise to compare with Nigeria. Any responsible government is a passage of hope and relief to its citizens, unlike Nigeria where Biafra is mapped out for extermination. Nothing like checks and balances, the judicial system that ought to be the last hope of the common man has metamorphosed to the best option for political criminals like Buhari. He militarizes other arms of government to spell doom on Biafra activists asking for freedom and his political opponents criticizing his maladministration and gross misconducts.

More than two and half years now many Biafrans are languishing in different detention centers across the country against the rule of law while scores were shot to death during the peaceful protests without provocation, inserting fear to make everyone hide in a shield or whiskey away for sacrifice. It is important to note the hypocrisy and double standard play by the federal government to nail Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra and his supporters by all means. The installation of her sister Binta Nyako, as a Chief Judge to perfect his plans from day one vindicates her biases to be just in that case. She openly acted on the scripts handover to her by federal government to unjustly continue to prosecute IPOB members even when they have not contravened constitution, till date Benjamin Madubugwu, Bright Chimezie, David Nwanwusi Chidiebre Onwudiwe, Chima Joseph and many more others are been tortured in prison with no evidence to jail them over the years, it is adjournment upon adjournment, is it how to make Nigeria the most beautiful country in Africa, where court order and human rights cannot be respected? Or maybe, Buhari was specifically referred to cattle republic for grazing where animals are more valuable than human life and jungle justice only means to punish innocent masses.

Without a reference, high rate of human rights violation under Buhari’s watch is ridiculously superseded Benito Museleni of Italy and Adolf Hitler of Germany put together. Biafrans are law abiding citizens exercising their legitimate rights for self-determination as enshrine in UN Charter, but unjustly maim day by day in spite, inhuman degradation and sudden disappearance of their leader and that of his parents after military invasion at his residence during Operation Python Dance II that killed more than 28 IPOB members on the order of Zoo president Mohammadu Buhari, yet, they remain calm and focus on their peaceful approach to restore their stolen heritage. Invariable, Buhari is also guilty of the same accusation for backing Western Sahara on self-determination from Morocco.

On 25th June, bail application shall be expected to be adjudging worrisome, IPOB surety Enyinnaya Abaribe has been arrested by DSS before schedule date for proceeding without court order the same strategy they used during IPOB ' s leader Maazi Nnamdi Kanu's residence invasion to enable the bias Islamic Federal High Court to adjourn the case, in a presence of mischievously unscrupulous imps, Is this what they are expected to beautify Nigeria with ?. Pathetic, Buhari is backward to comprehend contemporary democracy to enhance efficiency in governance, those prisoners of conscience deserve fair play initially FG thought IPOB will succumb to psychological trauma reverse becomes the case; Tom and Jerry are hungry for free Biafra,is now an ideology that can never be defeated with guns and bullets but referendum as the only remedy for peaceful, beautiful coexistence of this hopeless British experiment, anything short of that is a daydreaming and hallucination.

A call for a referendum is not a call war, IPOB with her civilization abide culture directly making impacts to savage parochial nature and myopic systematic empire restricting development within Africa periphery. Nigeria political criminals are working around the clock in making sure unfavorable status quo remains, not knowing Nnamdi Kanu, has succeeded impregnated every Biafra with the ideology, it is now a culture, way of life and religion that stuff on everyone’s behavior. The forthcoming referendum must be Yes! Yes! For Biafra, not even dementia will like to be tag a Nigerian where tyranny, totalitarian militia takes control of civil responsibilities.

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