By Kelechi Okorie,
June 22,2018

Many now understood why IPOB maintained why they cannot contemplate capitulation, her methodological and ideological approach to restore her nation Biafra, triggered tension among those at the corridors of power. The press release by her Publicity Secretary Emma Powerful, that IPOB commences printing of 40 Million referendum materials indicates the determination of this platform cannot be allowed to be thwarted or jeopardize by anybody. Irrespective of shortcomings, they are able to surface victoriously up till date, the heart of this grass root movement neither indulged nor vindicated in any corrupt practices. Nigeria keeps having nightmare looking an avenue to destroy this platform surprisingly in all the killings, torture and illegal arrest of unarm innocent Biafran youths protesting peacefully yet, they are not deterred to retreat on this all-important quest to free Biafra from damnable slave camp. Without minding referendum date has not been fixed ; only a clue stirs up the consciousness of gullible one Nigerians that misunderstand the dimension the moving train heading to, most of them believed in forming coalition and political participation can be of help to attain anonymous targets but felt to ascertain a successful radical transformation of socio-political economy of any given nation resides on the masses other than few privilege political elites.

IPOB on the face of convolution succeeded sweep off Biafraland with the undiluted truth which attracted every Biafran from all walks of life to identify itself with this global family. Furthermore, those that are complicit on the possibility of IPOB had organized a referendum without Nigeria approval hence, it is not on her constitution should vividly braise up on the two consecutive referenda between 1961 South Cameroon secession to Francophone and 1963 creation of defunct Mid West from Yoruba domination respectively. Besides, IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu awakes the zeal of indigenous population after fulfilled all UN criteria that usher in indigenous peoples rights for self-determination to enable her to become a sovereign geographical social milieu without external interference. The bold steps taken by IPOB to have full control over her future by making sure IPOB was recognized and registered by UN animated encouragement to take the bull by the horn, a mocked referendum was conducted and won by Biafra, it can be achieved either via mandatory or voluntarily. Former is stipulated in a constitution, all component units can easily demand referendum through the parliament debates and political participation unlike mandatory, voluntary is determines by masses on the streets whenever they have dissatisfied the oppressive Gestapo government activities against them.

Nigeria’s deceptive tricks wooed Biafrans to obtain Permanent Voters Card PVC, to vote for Biafra referendum encountered showdown around all their shenanigans through paid media outlets was throws into oblivion immediately press release was made on the printing of referendum materials all the news platform took advantage of it to make money no other way around making doubting fellow to remain focus and determine for Biafra democratic procedure. In all indications IPOB is in control of her activities setting agenda with conscious of time framework, indices speeding up her plans was well-articulated arithmetic cogitation on forthcoming Nigeria election not to take preeminence over above Biafra referendum. Reference can be measure by questioners intending to know why agitation is so intense more than before, Biafra is an ideology that cannot be defeated with guns and bullets secondly, Nigeria is a failed state no reasonable human wants to associate with, her five decades of comparative independent and democratic renaissance with another civilized world will tell you her future is in jeopardy that must be dissolute for peace to reign in West Africa region. A call for a referendum is not a call for war, myopic government agent intellectuals linked to war and referendum as the same deserve imperativeness on their educational antecedent to applying to reason than stipends falling from the master's table. Agitation is a natural right, a baby in her mother’s womb starts an agitation to come out once it clocks 9 months denying him that right is tantamount for injury. Britain opt-out from European Union through referendum as a right to determined her future, it was not called for war, Catalonia did same Biafra cannot be exceptional because it is her inalienable right to decide where to belong life itself is not by force rather by choice

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