President Trump Lashes Nigeria’s President Buhari At The White House

The Biafra Post | May 02, 2018

President Trump and President Buhari, shaking hands during a joint press conference at Rose Garden, White House; April 30, 2018
Washington DC: Many people would think that President Trump’s relationship with Africa deteriorated when he referred to countries in the continent as "shithole". But soon after the 2018 Commonwealth meeting in London, office of Nigeria’s president announced that President Buhari will visit President Trump. Few days later, the US government released a damning report on terrible human-rights abuses happening in Nigeria. Subsequently, in what looked as a surprise, on April 30, 2018 Nigeria’s President Buhari visited President Trump at the White House USA.

Pres. Trump exchanges handshake with Pres. Buhari with no facial contact with Buhari

To start with, the televised segment of the meeting was in the Oval Office. President Trump’s brief announcement emphasised on the terrible security problems and the persecution of Christians. Trump condemned the activities of Boko-Haram terrorist group. In addition, he warned that the US will not tolerate the killing of Christians. Also, he informed that the US will work to ensure that the persecution ends.

Although, President Trump’s statement was brief, his body language did most of the communication. His partially focused eye contact on his guest may suggest that he is not interested or has made up his mind. His chest out and downwards hands positon may suggest that an alpha male is in charge. The manner he grabbed his guest’s hand on several occasions may also suggest that a higher authority is in charge. In contrast, President Buhari’s remarks on security sounded familiar like he was reading from an old book. His comments were certainly self-protective. He stated that he cannot force President Trump to buy Nigeria’s oil. In addition, his body language was as if he was held at gunpoint.

Pres. Trump and Pres. Buhari; during their first brief joint press conference at the Oval Office, White House
Later, the meeting move to the White House Rose Garden where both held a joint press conference. President Trump summarised the key points of their discussion in private. He emphasised on security and informed that US has sold some war aircrafts to Nigeria and they will be delivered soon. He informed that the war aircrafts were to fight the terrorist group Boko-Haram and protect civilians. He informed that the US wish to have a good trade relationship with Nigeria especially in the agriculture sector, but the conditions has to be favourable for the US. He emphasised that the persecution of Christians in Nigeria must stop and that US will ensure it happens. President Tump’s speech revealed that the US already has a plan. This perspective is confirmed by a deal President Buhari signed.

Pres. Buhari signing what looks like a bilateral agreement; while Pres. Trump looks on
Subsequently, President Buhari gave a defensive speech. He informed that Nigeria is battling with long history of corruption. He informed that Nigeria is battling with Boko-Haram terrorism. He informed that Nigeria has long-standing problem of Fulani-Herdsmen conflict with farmers. He informed that mercenaries trained by Late Gaddafi of Libya have invaded Nigeria and increased the insecurity in the country. He informed that Nigeria will investigate and hold human-rights violators accountable. President Buhari’s speech revealed that the meeting was scheduled in time for him to prepare his defence.

In conclusion, Nigeria has a deal with the US. The war aircraft will have delivered and the trade will kick off when the conditions are favourable for the US. The trade will be mainly on the agriculture sector perhaps, President Trump plans to wean Nigeria off oil. This is good news for people in Nigeria that believe in progressive future. Also, there is hope for Christians in Nigeria including the people of Biafra who are mainly Christians and have been going through long-term persecution from the time Norther and Southern Nigeria was amalgamated to form Nigeria in 1914. In addition, there is hope for the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB). The freedom fighting movement, IPOB have suffered series of massacres, oppressions, and grievous human-right abuses under President Buhari’s dictatorship.

It should not come as surprise if the US directly gets involve in the dialogue between the leaders of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria and local farmers. Also, we may expect the US to dialogue between Nigerian government and IPOB.

By Amaka Ekwo
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