Biafra: [Christian Killings]: The Armed Fulani Herders And The Stick Fulani Herders; Where Tyrant Mohammadu Buhari Goofed Again

By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - TBP
May 04, 2018

Same ideology govern them both
The state of senility of health is seriously affecting the tyrant in the Abuja Aso-Rock to always misinterpret the state of events of his dear country Nigeria. I have always wondered why Nigerian and her ruthless handlers keeping on making a mockery of themselves before the International system.

Let us take Mr. Mohammadu Buhari speech in the United States of America - White House  into appraisal; first thing to note there, is that the impostor Mr. Mohammadu Buhari spoke out on what he was schooled to say when such question comes up.

Isn't it obvious that the man at Abuja Aso-Rock is a total failure that one should always pray not to behold nor have anything to do with him hence it comes to good governance. President Donald .J Trump of America, the host to the Nigerian's serial killer of his people had every evidence to be used against his guest but decided to warn him on time before he takes action being a man of civility and wisdom.

President Donald. J.Trump of America told his guest and his entourage that the United States of America are abreast with the killings of what he called Christians in Nigeria and that the United States of America will not tolerate or allow the status quo to continue with stern warning; then instead of Mr. Mohammadu Buhari to explain himself out on his perceived innocence, started defending his Fulani ethnic stock.

Let us drive or adjust our compass back home a bit as it will help us further unveiling what the impostor at Abuja Aso-Rock is hiding from the public; this cruel government claims he virtually knows nothing of any event that took effect in Nigeria under his watch but then who are the Christians and who are the Muslims in the Nigeria context since Mr Mohammadu Buhari seems not to understand the non-complex term of lexis in English as used by his host Donald J Trump.

It was expected of Mr Mohammadu Buhari to tell his host that the killer herders are from the war-torn Libya trained by Gaddafi to destabilize his country Nigeria like he once lied; it was also expected of Mr Mohammadu Buhari to tell his host Donald J Trump of America that he once told the victims of these Fulani barbarians to accommodate their fellow country men.

How come at one instance the killer herders are foreigners and at another instance they are our fellow country men? The Nigerian government is not telling herself the bitter truth. When you say Christians in Nigeria, know that Biafrans are majority in number followed by other ethnic nationalities that make up Nigeria; and who are the people killing these people? Obviously, the Fulani herdsmen and the state sponsored security outfits.

It is pertinent to take this historical account into cognizance that the origin of herding cattle in Nigeria has to do with the Fulanis from Futa jalon high mountains until they invaded the Hausa kingdom and spread out to other parts of Nigeria, if what Nigerian President Mohammadu Buhari knows is the Fulani herders that move their cattle around with sticks, then who are the Fulani herders seen moving about with sophisticated weapons (AK47) killing and pillaging communities?.

In a sane clime let us assume that the murderous herders are foreigners how come Nigerian military is not fighting a war of boundary adjustment cum encroachment against external forces rather the military said they will remain neutral which means they are culpable in this inhumane crimes against humanity by this killer herders.

A military that stand out when a foreign force is killing her people is nothing but a jihad military on course. If the Nigerian military are not culpable of these crimes what must have forced Rtd Gen. TY Dajuma out of his comfort closet to accused the Nigerian Army that he once served of being reckless and unperturbed about the situation of things in the country. Who is the grand patron of this Cattle herders in Nigeria? Mohammadu Buhari is their number one head as a grand patron, so he has every right to defend them and lie to the public. President Mohammadu Buhari only went to the White House to defend his Fulani people, nothing else, nothing more. What did President Mohammadu Buhari bring back home after his meeting Donald. J Trump of America? Nothing. He only signed an executive order to bring in American goods into the country, he could not discuss further on the core areas that America should help Nigeria harness her potentials because in his inner conscience he is guilty as charge.

He only went to America to discuss the Biafra oil as a form of lobbying America to drop the Biafra-Chriastian notion on the fly. Nigeria will soon shoot herself on the leg since what the tyrant have decided to do after Pres. Trump's stern warning to him is to mandate for the hovering of fighter jets all over Biafra land so as to continue with the killing of Biafra Christians lumped up in Nigeria.

Editor/Publisher: Chinwe Korie

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