Biafra: Yes The Indigenous People Of Biafra Must March

Analogy By Eke Macdonald Ndubuisi - The Biafra Post; May 16, 2018

I am here and the aim of this decisive essay is to correct the wrong impression by some agents of distractions of some pseudo Biafran-Nigerian journalists that the non-violent approach engaged so far into this struggle by the leadership of the Indigenous People of Biafra do not in any stance or thought mean that collectively we are cowards.

Every freedom in life has a very long walk attached to it before it is been realized and recognized as worth fighting for, let us re-examine our conscience and pay a visit to our personal and public libraries for the enhancement of knowledge and better understanding before we make folly and fools of ourselves without definite reasoning.

Instead; some of us that behaves like Nicodemus in the Holy Bible visiting Kanu in the night shouting Biafra! Biafra!! Biafra!!! And at his back casting aspersions that he should be crucified should not forget so quick that Nnamdi Kanu took it upon himself that Biafra must be restored with his life in-line for it, what have we done to show for it that if finally Mazi Nnamdi Kanu applys war as a strategy into this struggle, that we will all support him; dropping our ego and sabotage and cap upon ourselves the spirit of resilience, mental toughness, comradeship and brotherhood!

What plans have we put in place that now warrant the unnecessary criticism and disjointed articles targeted at pulling Nnamdi Kanu and his Indigenous People of Biafra down now that we should join hands together in one accord and comradeship and demand for Biafra from our perceived enemy without being biased and see results manifesting before us all. Some self acclaimed journalists acting up with their articles because they feel they are opportune to do so without thorough and proper research and investigations.

Indigenous People of Biafra must march - yes they must march; those were the words of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. They will kill us and we will kill them but at the end Biafra will be restored; we should know that it is never too late to march in this struggle; in freedom fighting, it is better to march late while prepared than to march early while unprepared because if we fail to put all the necessary components needed in this struggle into perspective, surely we shall fail again and the second failure will become a stink to our breath.

Let us first consider the term "march" and put the word into word laboratory for proper discernment; recall that when you say march, it can be peace march[ing] or war march[ing]; phrases defined them, freedom fighting can either be violent march or non-violent march but the Indigenous People of Biafra made it clear that if the peace option fail the war option will follow suite. But the right question to ask is, have we exhausted the peace march option?

Some Biafrans who identified with our news platform crews when interviewed online confided in us privately with their identities hidden rightly inferred that they can see the witticisms in some paid agents working for the Nigerian government to always force the Indigenous People of Biafra to review her strategies to them so as to hoodwink IPOB plans and set pace for the outcome.

For record purpose it is appropriate now that I write to buttress the lies on the fly by some derailed and demented journalists that the Indigenous People of Biafra are not afraid to challenge the Nigerian government on their right to self-determination; note self-determination charter encompass self-defense; the Indigenous People of Biafra distractors should buckle up and drop their subterfuge games thinking that they will hide behind their gadgets and either coerce or cow the Indigenous People of Biafra into arm struggle unprepared. The wise jests and the fools repeat them.



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