By Kelechi Okorie,

May 15, 2018
Biafrans, in general, may not have done much to appeal their falling heroes and heroines that laid down their life for them to be proud Biafran today, initially gullible fellow called it Igbo agenda while Ojukwu second in command was Major Philip Efiong, from Cross River, Calabar province and many more others in the battlefield. Those heroes fought a just war in self-defense of her motherland, self-esteem for better upcoming generations. Many are fading up tagging them Nigerians because their dividends, rights are confiscated by those in authority but some inoperative to continue where their forefathers stopped for the zeal to liberation. The dead may not have rest in peace up till now hence they were not given befitting burial and their quest yet to be achieved according to Biafra culture. Those at the corridor of power tricked youths championing to stir up the Biafra spirit to believe that their ideology was long dead and buried a long time ago, not knowing Biafra is an ideology that cannot be defeated. Perhaps, shot at site strategy by Nigeria government never strip off the fighting spirit though; many Biafrans were killed but not given up from the struggle. Those not in the struggle prefer to remain in captive waiting crumbs from masters table, they argued it may not go down well with them seems their fathers fought the same thing and failed without neither theoretical nor practical prove to fail as their fathers did. It baffles whenever Biafra links to war without substantiation to back up their hypothetic reasoning. IPOB never call for a hostility only interested in their offspring inherits hope, peace, and advancement.

Biafra falling heroes’ day, a sober reflection month is gradually turning anniversary within Nigeria enclave only IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu, objected continuous observing the month of agony in his oppressor’s boundary. This insinuation alone classifies the Memorial Day a slave event where freedom of association is not guaranteed unlike other countries that observed theirs without fear of intimidation, arrest and killing of celebrants. Socialization of IPOB leader during his touring around the continent was to educate his fellow countrymen the need to be free mentally, economically, religiously, politically and otherwise all in making sure those falling heroes are remembered in a grand style once his people are liberated.
Nnamdi kanu and his led group deserve credit on their democratic modus operandi using to champion the struggle but it is suicidal considering stopping on half way without getting the destination they are driving in. the horror will be unbearable for the upcoming generations because if vampires in Nigeria can keep sucking blood on daily basis to keep the entity one upcoming bloods shall be soak to eat yam whenever the suckers are hungry. It is a retrospective thought, one contemplate to back down on their contribution visa-vise those boosting to had made more efforts than their counterparts hence, it cannot compared it with those that died in active service to push the agitation to the knowledge of the world. In a nutshell, the journey for total freedom is yet be actualized it does not matter how you see it or contributions made so far, that was the reason Radio Biafra followers are always encourage to remain focus and state fast. Certainly, it might not be easy due to challenges thereof but very risky to back down, challenges make brave ones to be stronger and determined to achieve a particular purpose. IPOB has been defeating challenges Hausa Fulani terrorist solders (Herdsmen) attacks in Biafra oil are nothing to compared with what had been overcome, it is inconceivable one allow self to wade down the fighting spirit as a watch dog that is leading from day one.

Biafra falling heroes cannot be happy without restoring what made them gave out their precious life for this present generation only 3percent Americans fought for her freedom today, USA is the most powerful and free country in the world, those freedom fighters are now happy wherever they are for their collective contributions, they are honor annually by USA government unlike Biafra, that has more than 90 percent supporters but yet to arrived final state of their dream nation. Without any shred of doubt the risen sun total emancipation from slavery is certain, it shall be a surprise Black race freedom from underdevelopment, white domination, and reduction of illegal migration to Europe, eradication of child trafficking in Africa.
Long live Biafra! Long live IPOB!! Long live Nnamdi Kanu!!!

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