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By Kelechi Okorie, For TBP
April 21,2018
Politically undertone statement made by Theresa May, British Prime Minister, in form of encouragement to legalize the Samesex marriage in the slave camp called Nigeria was to reaffirm their previous unfulfilled terms and conditions assigned by former British Prime Minister David Cameroon. Theoretically, Nigeria always deceptively boast to be an independent country while practically, her socio-political economy is under caprice of the Western world invariably poses a major threat to her sovereignty. Unlike Nigeria, every sovereign nation or country has the supreme power to manage its affairs and control its territorial boundaries as dim fit without external interference.
Her self-claimed independent is still under British control despite, the scam called 1st October 1960 flag independent that ought to have eradicated all forms of colonialism. The world is yet to understand the rationale why Britain has not hands off in Africa soil including Nigeria, which they smartly tag Common Wealth Countries. Perhaps, from inception Nigeria has both external and internal factors for presidential endorsement; it is a routine, political culture every serious aspirant must undergo before the smelling highest political seat of power. Starting from her 1999 snail democratic system, all emerged presidential candidates followed the same inevitable channel and Buhari is not exceptional.

Free flow of oil in Biafraland, oil exploitation and oil expatriation to British Empire with trick terminology called Foreign Direct Investment (FDI ) was among the terms and conditions to snuff in their favourable perfect house slaves into political power. Recall, Goodluck Jonathan lost the game of external endorsement due to his complicity to succumb the pressure mounted on him regards to the same sex marriage. External factors control internal that was why votes do not count in Nigeria elections foreign actors determines who gets What when and how this apex body is where the game of politics is rigged. The same presidency’s deception gave no definite date for Buhari's return to Nigeria for his UK holiday. His secrete endorsement move experienced bottleneck when he was reminded ungodly homosexual conditionality or risk second term bid by her slave master.
In that case, Buhari has lost the external endorsement factor, his official visit to US president on 30th April, might be another round of diplomatic disgrace, Biafrans shall prove their resoluteness and tenacity to withstand adversity. Trump, on the other hand, may not encourage him to legalize the same-sex marriage rather, IPOB victims’ regime atrocities in Nigeria, and extrajudicial killings of Biafran youths especially during Donald Trump solidarity rally at Igweocha (Potharcourt). The question remains can Buhari succumb the pressure on the same-sex marriage above the wish and interest of Nigerians for second term approval?
A Biafran political analyst opines it may not be easy for Nigeria president now as his backbones David Cameron and Barrack Obama are no longer in the seat of power respectively to give maximum support. He continues, political dichotomy between Buhari and Trump might jeopardize the intended aspirations of his second term support and provocative Nigeria vote against recognition of Jerusalem as internal Israeli Capital is enough reason to frustrate Buhari foreign policy.

Buhari’s Seat tight syndrome can invoke him to accept homosexual conditionality above the collective interest and believe of Nigerians though, some politicians from Northern extraction are rejoicing in order to unveil their secret homosexual clubs. Nigeria, a center of evil easily assimilate negative proposal more than the originator she will definitely accept the offer, Buhari’s silent mood shows he acknowledges it whole heartily without objection but it is dead on arrival in Biafraland because it a tabor also contradicts Biafra culture. Hence more reason to push relentlsly for Biafra restoration

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