By Kelechi Okorie For TBP
April 21,2018
Unlike before Biafrans around the globe on daily basis voluntarily and massively throws their enthusiastic supports for their total freedom from the contraption called Nigeria. Their quest for emancipation from slavery was triggered by socialization, education, jingles, concerts and projector like TV show, magazines, newspaper etc. IPOB led by Nnamdi Kanu, suddenly surface with inherit charismatic leadership qualities, he educates most Biafrans more than what they learnt in their various institutions all become conscious of their social milieu and Biafra hags on everybody’s lip through the visibility of Radio Biafra London. Listening of this radio station becomes a hubby, a learning platform where intellectual ideas exchanged by people of different educational background gradually it becomes more intense to an extent that most friends of Biafra and enemies of Biafra could not sleep without listening to this educating platform which lingered their voices to be heard by world powers. The grace vested on this young man provoked Nigeria government to whiskey him away against his wish till date his whereabouts remains unknown yet, his supporters are not backing down. Currently, Biafrans are undergoing inhuman degrade treatment in different secret cells headed by Buhari’s agents such as Military, DSS and police above all Biafrans are stronger than ever as a result of fidelity, resoluteness and tenacity of their leader to denounce. Irrespective of intimidations, earthly enticements at Kuje prison he never succumbed at the detriment for his love to savage his people from bondage.

Nigeria becomes frustrated to a point she has no other option than to work internally to uproot the laid down structures to destabilized well organized smooth running of the platform, the key to lead Baifra to her promise land still remains at the custody of the blessed leader Nnamdi Kanu. His opponents step on his tolls with blackmailing in order to tarnish his image and exposed his shortcoming but no avail. Normally, misconception is inevitable in every struggle and only the strong wins the race which IPOB leader demonstrated and stood firmed in a gap of millions to effect a change in Nigeria status quo. His determination with the help of eminent hardcore Biafrans to push the struggle where it is today makes both international bodies and social advocates like European Union and Africa Commission on Human and People’s Rights to have a rethink on atrocities committed against the children of the rising sun. Formally, people doubted the possibility of the man’s faithfulness even when he openly swore an oath not to be insubordinate to the citizens of Biafra till date he has not failed keeping his world unlike his subjects. He once charged Biafrans to hasting up for BIAEXIT because he is not a career freedom fighter and not happy celebrating Biafra Falling Heroes Day every year in Nigeria with military vans surrounding around him. This prophet of our time destroy Nigeria with undiluted truth, all his prophecies came to pass when he said time shall come when Fulani Herdsmen menace will be uncontrollable federal government will turn a deaf ear from the killings, he also maintained to had preferred a monster Buhari to win election to make Biafra restoration more quicker than ever without minding the difficulties we might undergo.

IPOB agenda is been followed step by step without mistakes even at the time of provocations they neither retaliated nor relenting in their referendum quest. This global incompetent disgrace fantastically corrupt president Buhari never knew a call for a referendum is not a call for war; other nations had theirs with peaceful coexistence of their neighbouring countries, unlike Nigeria that eat their cake and have it at the same time. The world itself has taken note of Biafra peaceful protest at 2018 Common Wealth Summit in London, where Biafrans extended their referendum evangelism to the appropriate bodies and world at large.

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