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Comr Odirachinma Nwawube Ezeobi (TBP)

April 10,2018
The words of one of the well educated Igbo leader, professor Ben Nwabueze to IPOB delegates on Sunday as the group ably led by the African rep Mazi George Onyibe paid a friendly visit to the Igbo sage, provoked my mind to think deeper and the consequences of such wisdom laden advice. The reassurance of victory given by prof Ben Nwabueze did not actually move me that much because even without hearing from God himself, it is evident that victory will come But what moved me to think deeper is that warning " you should not make the fatal mistake that will jeopardize the future". The warning is a timely warning to individuals working for the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra The worst enemy of the struggle is that man pulling the house down, thinking he is doing everything for the good of the struggle". Such individuals will do everything possible to destabilize the cause thinking they are stabilizing same. Back to that warning; the fatal mistake that can destroy the future is built today in the cause of fighting for freedom. There is a great need to understand that in such a struggle, there are mistakes and sometimes people are victimized because even the leaders are not perfect. We must also understand that it will be a critical error if by the time Biafra is restored, we have turned ourselves to enemies of each other. There are many freedom fighters in this struggle who are doing same with all their hearts just as there are others working assiduously to pull the house down because they were hired to do so. In the face of all these problems, those sincerely fighting for same goal should be careful not to play into the hands of the assassins no matter the ship you are into. Winning is a minor problem which will be solved if and only if the problem of jeopardizing the future is solved. We must "apply cohesion in varying argument" for us to win. We must keep personal grudges at bay today for us to survive in the Biafra of tomorrow. So that Biafra when restored shall not be another Nigeria Keep your individual pride aside and fight on and be rest assured that when Biafra is restored you shall have freedom to seek for justice on whatever grudges you have as Biafra shall be a nation that will always uphold justice to its fullness

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