Odirachinma Nwawube Ezeobi (TBP)
April 10,2018
That the sheep does not know how to dance is not that he will not react as the music is brought into his abode; either he nods his head or continuously jump up" 14 September 2017 is a household date just like 25th December is to Christian faithfuls. That day saw another pogrom conducted against Biafrans and till date the very kidnapping and possible assassination of the leader of the indigenous people of Biafra Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. The strange dance was carried to the palace of Eze Israel Kanu in Afaraukwu, sending Biafrans present to their early grave on the other of the tyrant Muhammadu Buhari (jubril of Sudan) . The Nigerian government is misconstruing the silence of IPOB and Biafran people over the abomination conducted income Igbo land on 14 September 2017. By now it is of wide expectation that Nigerian government in their quest to administer peace would have released Mr Nnamdi Kanu to his people if he is still alive and it is not also fallacious that the world is willingly waiting and ready absorb any reaction that will emanate from the failure of Nigerian government to release IPOB leader by the group. Eight months after the invasion of his house by the Nigerian army, the family member and IPOB worldwide are yet to hear from their charismatic leader and Nigerian government think all is well? Check out all the revolution in the history of the universe and you will be tentatively shocked by the fact that most were caused by cases lesser than this. IPOB are dedicated people ready to restore their ancient glory without spilling of their enemies blood but not a dumb or weak people who cannot rise to defend their lives against their enemies. IPOB are not cowards who will easily give in to the assassination of a person they have for once in the history of the people, under consensus accepted unanimously as their leader .

We are not soldiers but freedom fighters but there comes a time in the life of a freedom fighter that death becomes a honorable means towards achieving his goal, who knows which soldier is greater than a mind that is made up....

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