The beggars were arrested around France road, Dangi junction, Lugard road, Murtala Mohammed way and Magwan junction
Street Beggars From Nothern Nigeria 

Written By Obinna Victor - TBP April 28, 2018 Just recently at a Common-wealth World Economic Summit, the Nigerian President impostor Usman Jibrin from Sudan who doubles as tyrant Muhammadu Buhari in a clear sign of senility tagged the youths of Nigeria "illiterates" and "lazy". The President, in his words, stated, "a lot of them haven't been to school and they're claiming, you know, ah ah that Nigeria has been an oil producing nation, therefore, they should sit and do nothing get housing, healthcare, and education free". The President who prefers to rabble, babble, twaddle and prattle against his people in every little occasion at the international stage is nothing but a decorated beast and in this case, the assertion made by the columnist is not far from the truth. Recall that this same former dictator during his military reign and regime used a derogatory term to describe the Nigerian people where he posited that his people useless, senseless and indisciplined. But not far from the truth else how will you describe a people who were named by a white woman, whose future was mortgaged through a fraudulent amalgamation and followed up by a dubious "independence" ceremony which was at its best an exchange of external colonialism with internal colonialism and all they did was to "sit down and do nothing".Illiterates and lazy are the two best words to qualify a people who voted and are still supporting a great-grandfather who also ruled and suffered their fathers and grandfathers. Recall that under this former dictator military and civilian government the Nigeria economy nose-dived into recession with people virtually doing work with empty stomach, industries and captain of industries moving their industries to other African countries thereby resulting to no jobs or employment, nonpayment of salary was and still in a high scale, pensions were and are still misappropriated, killings and killing of Nigerian upwelled in a full-fledged, corruption escalated beyond logical reasoning and human comprehension under Mr. so-called Integrity. They (illiterate and lazy youths) are called " leaders of tomorrow " by those who led yesterday, who are leading today and still preparing to lead tomorrow and next tomorrow, all they do is "sit down and do nothing". Even a little child will ask " Sir is today not the tomorrow you told me about yesterday? " It is sheer illiteracy when you cannot read history and records like the 1914 Amalgamation document and other enlightenment books. etc These documents and some other books will lead you to start asking the right questions about who you are, who named Nigeria, why and when did Nigeria expire as a country. Asking the relevant questions is the beginning of your emancipation from laziness and illiteracy as it was rightly inferred by tyrant Mohammadu Buhari at the just concluded Common-wealth World Economic Summit -London great Britain. After reading these books of enlightenment, discernible minds will begin to know why Nigeria is not working and will never work. A country built on a wrong and faulty foundation, illegality, injustice, and oppression cannot stand. A country of totally different and incompatible tribes and nationalities, the incompatibility of Islam and Judeo-Christianity or any other religion. Also main looking at the Monkey -dey-work- baboon -dey-chop relationship of the northern Nigeria and South of Nigeria [i.e parasitic nature cum relationship], corrupt and biased constitution and resultantly a failed legal system depicts that Nigeria cannot work because it is simply a mere geographical expression. It is foolish to be doing the same thing over and over again and be expecting a different result; consequently, you will be excited about the prospect of building your own country where of course you have the chance to enthrone egalitarianism, formidable security, economic emancipation, fast-tracked development, world recognition technology, greater and better human capital development amongst others. Now the choice is yours for the Nigerian Youths to make on which side of the divided court are they to play their ball but as a columnist, I will advise the Nigerian Youths to ditch on Buhari's "illiteracy and laziness", then brace up, read, research and discover who they are true. Left for me and the Indigenous People of Biafra, we are not a Nigerians but rather we are intelligent and industrious in all spheres of life.

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