By Kelechi Okorie For TBP
April 28,2018
Biafra problem is beyond the capacity of an individual nation-state like Nigeria to handle, having lacked the ethics of peace and conflict management, her incapacitation to foster lasting solution on global injustice melted on Biafra people impede her (Nigeria) depends on international intervention to do the needful. Besides, Biafra war was not a civil war because it was not fought by Nigeria alone but the help of many foreign military logistics, this alone gingered the then Military Head of State Yakubu Gowon, made a press statement to cripple Biafra within 3 months, he was surprised despite, combine forces Biafra veterans were able to withhold world conspiracy 3 years with bare hands which later ends in “No Conquer No Vanquish”.
This global injustice melted on Biafra shows formation of United Nations in 1945 is based on inequality and segregation with no atom of egalitarianism only for the interest of Whites, UN influenced to turned down the rights of Biafra nation’s self-determination was nothing but conspiratorial democratic deficit and therefore, gives room for another war that might linger world war III. Previous World War I and II remained a remarkable war globally, throughout history it keeps pondering on the conscience of every human unlike, Biafra war with her map deliberately erased by world totalitarian government to delete the history, feelings of Biafrans killed during the genocide.
Israel has the same war history with Biafra, the world intentionally back down on both nations irrespective of war crime perpetrated against these defenceless tribes till date they are not remembered as if millions of those killed are half humans. Restless efforts by Israel after long rigorous inhuman torture, the extermination of vulnerable race total freedom was granted to them unlike Biafra, the world is playing politics of manoeuvring.
The New World Order, World Totalitarian Government with global conspiracy walks in line with the theory of Protocols of the Elders of Zion where few privileged cabals want to achieve world domination in pretends of ruling the world on behalf of all Jews because they believed themselves to be chosen people of God but in actual sense failed to uphold the gospel to defend the weak and the poor at their own advantage. Most countries of the world have a specific day to commemorate their veterans the same way IPOB has chosen every 30th May as “Falling Heroes Remembrance Day” unfortunately, Nigeria government led by a terrorist in charge Buhari is always unleashed havoc on the same day yet, world keeps mute for spilling blood of innocent people. Remembrance Day at Nkpo in Anambra is still fresh in Biafrans memory where lots of them were murdered in numbers without provocation, now the perpetrator is walking freely planning to pay the official visit to White House. If a murderer like Nigeria seating president Buhari , can deny peoples life unjust without brought to book for evil committed it means he has succeeded murder the conscience of human right activists, social advocates and people of goodwill around the world. Where are the conscientious hearts, should we fold our hands allowing evil prevail all above justice in international politics?

European domination of Africa and many nations of the world rubbed Africa’s destiny, identity with ideological superiority and expatriation of her resources to Europe which resulted underdevelopment of Africa soil. Imposition of colonialism, imperialism gives Europe upper hands formed world totalitarian government making British administrators in Africa handed over Biafra to their lazy Islamic Hausa Fulani house perfect slave not minding ideological differences with indirect continue use of imperialism to siphoned their natural endowment.

Biafra been victim of world tyrannical government should be given absolute freedom with identity and destiny restored this alone can heal the wounds of isolation and millions of Biafrans killed than imposing homosexuality against the caprice of Biafra culture and her socialization.

Published/Edited by Anyi Kings

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