comr Odirachinma Nwawube Ezeobi (TBP)
April 12, 2018 On my way back from a journey I regretted embarking this morning, I met a man, unmistakably an evangelist and he forced a piece of paper into my hand, I wasn't in the best of mood so I squeezed the paper into my pocket, to be disposed later(at least not to show contempt to the preacher)
The piece of paper that was meant for the trash bin turned to be the only gain of my sojourn As I opened the paper, the theme and subsequent advice caught my attention and all of a sudden it was transformed to the struggle for a free Biafra. Read carefully what I deduce from the whole gospel as I will try to break it down with a short story. A severe snow storm made the progress of the train more and more difficult, visibility was very poor and a woman passenger with a child was concerned about missing her stop. Seeing her anxiety, a gentleman said to her " don't worry. I know this route well. I will tell you when to get off".

The next time the train stopped the gentleman said to her; " get out quickly, this is your stop" The woman took her child, thanked the gentleman for his kind interest, and got off the train. The gentleman later discovered he had given the woman wrong direction but before they could get back to her, she and her daughter have frozen to death. There are many well meaning but contradictory voices and freedom fighters out there Most often those involve in false directions and claims are sincere people - just as the man on the train was - but they are also misled. If we follow their directions we may end up lost, defeated and dead. There are many of them now claiming to be wiser than the leaders , yes they are sincere and wants Biafra to be free but they are mistaken in their quest. Be careful what advice you take

Be careful what news you adhere to

It is difficult to defeat an enemy who is determined and even more difficult to bring down a brother who is determined to prove himself right even when he is wrong..

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