(first edition bordering on Biafra education and restructuring)
Odirachinma Nwawube Ezeobi (TBP)
April 19,2018
As the clamour and preparation for Biafra referendum take a centre place in world politics, it becomes even more pertinent to continuously educate the Biafran populace on why Biafra referendum is seen qua non to their collective existence as a people. It also becomes a point of duty to continuously remind Biafrans what lies in stock for them if Biafra fails or if Biafra wins.
To start with,on this first edition, i will write extensively on educational benefit of a free Biafra and continued decadence in a 'one Nigeria", the critical evidence of the impossibility of solving this problem through restructuring. Nigeria educational decadence is not what I am writing because i saw them on the pages of daily news, it is what I write as an eyewitness over the years. The fact that the northern oligarch does everything in their capacity to subdue the academic efficiency of the Biafran people through policies favouring only the northern state is surprisingly not the worst cankerworm raping our educational prowess to death, rather the bitter fact that corruption and exploitation of students by the so much erring system is epidemic and wholly despicable. The psychological effect of forceful judging merit based on how much you are able to offer in most of our eastern institutions is clear, students start losing interest in studying since all they need to do is pay for the grade.
A fairly reasonable man will argue this is no fault of the north or ruling government, and I do argue "to an extent" it is more of the fault of the administrations of these eastern institutios which themselves are more corrupt than the lecturers. Another fairly critical thinker will shout   

 "RESTRUCTURING WILL HEAL THE WOUND" Restructuring will not heal the wound but will rather strengthen their grip on the throats of the poor masses in the east. If restructuring happens today, the bourgeoisie will still hijack the mandate and now more ruthlessly exploit the people. What referendum will do as a different factor is a total overhauling of the system, total disposition of power hijackers. REFERENDUM and Biafra freedom will cause what I dare refer to as "educational revolution" free education cannot be achieved in a restructured Nigeria because same cabals in an unrestructued Nigeria will hijack the leadership in a restructured Nigeria but in a free Biafra, free education build on the principle of knowledge acquisition will reign supreme. If you cherish the free education If you cherish conducive learning environment If you cherish rich tutoring from satisfied tutors If you cherish freedom then support Biafra referendum.

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